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10 benefits of learning how to code

In short, learning to code gives you the freedom to create value for yourself and others with technology.

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Many people mistakenly think that coding is not viable for them, and only for geeks or computer science graduates. However, learning to code is not only exciting but offers an enormous upside, both personal and professional. For example, you can develop new job skills and hobbies. So, before you dismiss coding, you should first consider all of its benefits.

1.) Build Your Own Website

One of the best ways to share your personal brand and message with the world is through your own website. However, instead of paying a developer to build it, you can learn to build it yourself. You just need to learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a functional site.  

CSS is crucial and very powerful.  “A lot of people know the basics of it, and think they have it mastered, but it is something you really need to stick with,” says Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization Consultant Isaac Rau of Proactive SEO Solutions. “ I cannot stress enough how invaluable that ‘really knowing’ CSS is in the web world.”  

 2.) Boost Your IT Career

A large portion of technology jobs is in support roles. Unfortunately, many IT career professionals get burnt out doing mundane tasks over and over. Learning how to code can open up new opportunities in the IT support and security fields. 

For example, if you are a software tester, you can become a software developer. If you are a computer technician, you can become a systems analyst. Basically, your job role will change from being an end-user of technology to a developer of new technology.

3.) Start a Software Company

When most people think of software companies, they (likely) think of big tech companies like Microsoft. However, many are small businesses. Therefore, once you gain experience creating software, you can start creating it and SaaS solutions for others (and get paid for it). 

Even if you aren’t that experienced a computer programmer, you can still develop the vision, write the base, and then hire developers to finish what you start. Outsourcing projects in the IT field is very common. You can easily find experienced software developers on freelancing job sites.

“When you’re coding you’re essentially constructing something, not the conventional way with a hammer, wood, and nails, but with a database, server and code,” says Rau, a veteran in the website development and digital marketing space since 1999.       

4.) Learn How Computers Really Work

One of the biggest benefits of learning how to code is understanding how a computer works. For example, computers, mobile devices, and websites all run on applications. Learning to code will help you understand how those applications work.

Then you can create scripts to take care of daily tasks like sending emails and reviewing data. Also, a basic understanding of coding will help you learn new technologies faster.

 5.) Create Your Own Apps

Once you learn computer programming, you can start building mobile apps and computer software to meet your needs. Furthermore, if you can build apps that others find valuable, you can sell them to users. 

For example, you might create a fun game that users will love to play on their phone, or productivity software that solves a problem for users.

6.) Use Coding as a Hobb

Learning to code doesn’t just have to be about making money. Computer programming is a fun hobby too. Millions of computer programmers connect with other programmers online in technology forums. 

Many also join open-source software platforms to practice and share their skills with others. Therefore, coding can be a great way to meet and connect with new people.

7.) Become a Freelance Developer

If you aren’t interested in starting a full-time software business, you can still earn money as a freelance developer. For example, many companies have a need to hire developers on a part-time or contract basis. 

Therefore, they turn to freelance sites like Upwork to find software developers on an as-needed basis.  A career as a coder also opens up many “work for home” opportunities.  

8.) Enjoy a Skill That Never Becomes Obsolete

The truth is, coding is one skill that never becomes obsolete. That’s because as the world continues to  become more “computerized”, the need for programmers will continue to grow. Once you become familiar with one programming language, you can easily apply that knowledge to another programming language. 

In addition to software development, there is an increasing number of job professions that require the ability to write code. For example, advanced manufacturing is creating more demand for CNC programmers. Also, data analysts must have a basic understanding of coding to analyze data and build forecasting models.

9.) Increase Your Digital Literacy

Your capability to properly manage information depends on your ability to use technology. Therefore, learning to code will improve your digital literacy by making it easier for you to use technology in a productive way. For example, you could build a database to store your data, making it easier (and faster) to access important information when you need it.

“Seemingly, nothing we do these days isn’t affected by some type of backend system, software or technology,” says Big Truck Lawyer Attorney, James Bartolomei of Duncan Firm in Little Rock, AR.  “For example, in 18-wheeler crashes, we need to have its black box data downloaded, backed up and interpreted, so even as a lawyer, having programming knowledge is valuable.”

10). Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Finally, computer programming skills give you the ability to create your own software programs the exact way that you envision them. That way, you won’t have to try to explain what your vision is to someone else to build for you. Instead, you will have the power to take an idea and turn it into something real on your own.

In short, learning to code gives you the freedom to create value for yourself and others with technology. You can use your programming skills to make money – either by starting your own business, freelancing, or finding a new job in the IT field.  You will also improve your ability to be able to learn and comprehend complex concepts.

Computer programming skills will help you better understand how a computer works, as well as increase your digital literacy. Lastly, you will no longer have to depend on a developer to build software programs for you. Instead, you have the ability to build apps, software programs, and websites on your own.

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