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10 best tutoring services for kids in 2022

Here are some of the best online tutoring sites for your children to improve their learning skills in many different subjects.

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If your child needs extra help with school subjects, there is no better and more affordable alternative than online tutoring websites.

The global situation inclines people to stick to remote activities, which is why various educational platforms integrate tightly into our reality today.

Check the top 10 top-notch, however cheap tutoring services for your kid to boost their knowledge in math, English language, reading, drawing, chemistry, biology, and other school disciplines.

For example, they all offer unconventional learning approaches and aim to induce appetite in kids to get highly involved in the online educational process.


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If you are searching for websites to learn math online, seek no more. Brighterly online math tutoring service offers plenty of opportunities to hone your kid’s math skills and improve their academic performance.

Therefore, the platform renders services of experienced and talented tutors ready to help students learn math using a personalized games-fused approach and a pro-rated math curriculum. 

Live 1-to-1 math classes for kids are tailored according to the requirements and needs of a kid. You must book a free-of-charge demo lesson, pick your best-fit date and time, and specify your details.

Furthermore, the platform will select a tutor who will perfectly match your requirements, and you will be able to take your first math lessons via any device.

Additionally, all classes are stuffed with interactive and fun activities that will turn a serious process into a breathtaking adventure with prizes at checkpoints. 

In-depth feedback is given after every lesson to track your kid’s progress and adjust the curriculum, which makes Brighterly one of the best tutoring services for mastering math online. 

2. Hellokids 

child drawing a butterfly
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Drawing is a powerful tool for understanding the feelings and emotions of your kid. Besides, it develops creative thinking and motor skills. Hellokids is a great online resource to boost your kid’s drawing talent.

For example, it contains a lot of interactive tutorials, crafts and creative activities, coloring pages, and even online games to take a break and relax after an art class.

Moreover, the website provides helpful video tips on how to draw children’s favorite cartoon characters, animals, toys, and superheroes. 

All lessons are categorized based on specific topics or dedicated to special occasions such as Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween. 

Therefore, kids can learn by using online drawing tools and step-by-step tutorials to understand art techniques better. In addition, free printables will help kids create their drawings by following the detailed online instructions.

3. Rader’s Chem4kids

child creating a chemistry experiement
Image: Unsplash

Rader’s Chem4kids is a Chemistry learning platform for kids and adults with tons of helpful information and interactive activities.

The website is divided based on key topics such as matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry.

Each topic is extensively elucidated and features an exciting thematic quiz at the end of the theoretical part. 

Rader’s Chem4kids website is quite simple and easy to navigate for your kid to gain a comprehensive experience of solving chemistry problems and check their knowledge immediately. 

4. Ducksters 

Ducksters provide a fantastic online resource involving educational materials on several subjects: biography, science, history, and geography.

In addition, each topic has several categories for better navigation and specific practice.

For example, those focused on science will get all the possible tools to master Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, and environment. 

The website’s structure is intuitive and straightforward – there is a lot of theory followed by exciting activities such as crossword puzzles and word search quizzes.  

Ducksters also provides plenty of online educational games that will contribute to better understanding and mastering a subject matter.

5. Langaroo

child on laptop online tutoring learning english
Image: Unsplash

Langaroo is an excellent service for practicing English online. However, your kid needs to schedule a lesson directly through the website to start learning.

In addition, Langaroo provides an opportunity of booking two free-of-charge trial lessons to get a better understanding of the tutor’s techniques and students’ needs.

Before the trial sessions, platform experts conduct a brief assessment to assign a tutor who would meet your kid’s unique requirements.

Langaroo classes are never dull – your future polyglot will enjoy engaging activities, including songs, games, and interactive exercises in a friendly, caring environment. 

6. Science Wiz Kids

Science kid working on an experiment
Image: Unsplash

Science Wiz Kids online platform states to bring the love of science to all and provides high-quality tutoring in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, animal planet, and the environment.

What’s more, before becoming their student, you need to fill out a particular request form and meet your tutor, who will be assigned to you based on the personal information provided.

Science Wiz Kids aims to bring the joy of science to students of any age and socioeconomic status. 

7. Reading IQ

Reading IQ is one of the best online tutoring services for reading comprehension offering customized offline and online tuition.

For instance, many kids are stressed when dealing with improving their reading abilities, so this platform is a real bargain.

Therefore, students will enhance their reading skills, understanding of complicated texts, and overall reading scores. Reading IQ suits small kids and preteens.

8. Epic! 

child listening to audiobook with headphones online tutoring
Image: Unsplash

Creative children who are fond of literature and writing can try to boost their skills with Epic!. It features more than 40 000 books, audiobooks, and learning videos for school curriculum and leisure.

The website will be great for reluctant readers – its atmosphere motivates them to read more and get kids excited about books.

They can explore various adventures, explore the world, and become more successful in the classroom. 

9. Curious World 

Those parents who want to fuel their kids’ curiosity should use the Curious World website. It features various educational resources such as games, videos, and books to deliver a playful but cognitive atmosphere.

The platform can be used at an early age to discover what ignites a kid’s curiosity as soon as possible. So let your child practice cooking, creative play, crafting, and science experiments while having the time of their life together with Curious World.

The website has an iOS app, making it highly convenient for any device. 

10. Cambly

boy in front of a computer doing online tutoring
Image; Unsplash

5-year and older kids who want to improve their language skills are highly recommended to use this online educational platform.

Furthermore, it is one of the most effective online tutor services offering a step-by-step strategy for learning English online.

Students have a splendid opportunity to master their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills by being guided by qualified native-speaking tutors available anytime. 

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