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10 safe QR code generators

A safe QR code generator always updates its software to maintain its safeness and improve the experience.

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As QR codes are now back on track, how do QR code enthusiasts pick their best safe QR code generator software? What are the top 10 recommendations?

Since its comeback in the post-pandemic setting, QR codes are popping out everywhere. You can see them in restaurants, banks, and other establishments. Because of this, people become interested in generating and engaging with these black and white box-shaped codes.

As these QR codes emerge to intensify the community health protocol and social distancing practices, trusting a safe QR code generator becomes a necessity. Due to this call, QR code enthusiasts created a set of guidelines on how to determine the safeness of a QR code generator.

How to look for a safe QR code generator?

Now that we are entering the start of the digital era, security has become the people’s top concern when interacting with others online. Because of these concerns, QR code experts have set out ways on how to look for a safe QR code generator. These means are simple out in 5 important ways.

1. Check its credibility

Credibility plays an important role in determining how safe the QR code generator is. To determine the QR code generator’s credibility, there are two simple ways that you can do. The first way is to use a URL checker like google safe browser technology, and site checker pro and run a site check. These URL checkers are free to use and easy to manage. The second way is to view the QR code generator’s credibility is by viewing the validity of its SSL certificate. Through this, QR code experts can easily tell if the QR code generator is safe for one-time and long-term usage.

2. Always test their software before giving out your sensitive information

One great way to determine how safe the QR code generator is through testing their software without giving your sensitive information to them. In this way, you can have a firm customer experience before continuing to use the software. If the QR code generator requires you to give out your sensitive information first before you can try the software, the chance of experiencing the software first minimizes. Because of that, QR code experts recommend the “test first, before committing” rule when using software to avoid any usage failures.

3. If upgrading to a premium plan, always compare their pricing

Generating QR codes using a safe QR code generator doesn’t need to be expensive. Even a safe QR code generator with cost-efficient subscription plans can provide the same service as to the ones with competitive pricing. Because of this, QR code enthusiasts can create their QR codes within their targeted budget. Through this, users can create their QR codes without going overboard on their budgets.

4. Check if the QR code generator has a responsive customer support system

Software with a responsive support system always determines how safe the QR code generator is. Because of these, QR code experts always look up to the software’s support system. Through this, the support system assists any QR code generation difficulty and eases the user’s struggle in using it.

5. Lookup for its updates for safe and improved user experience

A safe QR code generator always updates its software to maintain its safeness and improve the experience. Because of this, QR code users can continuously enjoy their usage while ensuring their information safety.

Through these ways, you can also determine how safe the QR code generator is.

Top 10 best safe QR code generators

1. QRTiger

QRTiger is a comprehensive QR code generator that offers a variety of QR code solutions. With its free of pop-up ads interface, users can continue their QR code generation without any ad interruptions. Furthermore, its interface has a professional, minimalistic, and easy to use phase that users can use without any difficulties. With its safe and budget-friendly bundles, small and large companies can integrate the use of QR code technology in their products and services while saving funds for other uses.

The QR code solutions the software offer gives users a competitive edge to users. Also, it allows them to customize their QR codes and fashion them with their brandings. We can say that QRTIGER is the best and safe QR Code generator on our list.

2. is a QR code generator that also offers a simple software interface. With its simple and modern look, users can use the software with ease. But the downside this QR code generator is giving to users is it only has a limited QR code features such as its customizing feature, which is a crucial turning point in getting more QR code scans.

3. Visualead

Visualead is a QR code generator that focuses on creating a visually appealing QR code. This QR code generator is fun to use at first, but as you are trying to download them, they will ask you to sign-up for their 14-day trial plan. Knowing the 14 days are efficient to carry out a great marketing campaign.


Established in 2009, is a secure and reliable dynamic QR Code solution – dynamic QR Codes can be edited and recycled without reprinting them. Users can create, manage and track QRs, with endless types of QR codes available, an advanced mobile page builder, QR design features, and much more. They have a 14-day trial and a free plan available.

5. ForQRcode

ForQRcode is a simple QR code generator that let a user generate and customize its QR codes. The only downside of this QR code generator is that it only has limited free features, mostly more on the basic QR code functions like URL,SMS, Email, and Plain text functions.

6. QRExplore

QRExplore is a QRcode code generator that can generate QR codes in bulk for users that always make things in bulk. It is a simple QR code generator that enables users to easily generate their QR codes without any hassles. Even if it generates free bulk QR codes, the function it offers is limited to one QR code solution only.

7. GoQR

GoQR is a simple QR code generator that lets users easily generate and download their QR code. This QR code generator advocates users to put their QR codes in merch. This QR code generator is limited only to black and white color scheme and is requiring you to donate to them when requesting to add your logo or call to action tags.


Codigos QR code is a QR code generator based in Brazil. This QR code generator allows users to generate their QR codes but with the same restrictions as GoQR, limited to black and white color scheme and does not offer tracking capabilities.

9. QFuse

QFuse is a QR code generator that specializes in generating dynamic QR codes and other type of information storing tools. This QR code generator requires you to sign up to their site is only giving you one free QR code generation.

10. Barcodes Inc

Barcodes Inc is a simple text QR code generator that is used to provide information for manufacturing products and services. This QR code generator specializes in selling barcode related tools. This tool is great for sending messages to people, but is not great for long term QR code marketing campaigns.

Final Verdict

QR codes are a great help in making mundane tasks easy to achieve. But as they are redeeming their spot in topping the most necessary technological tool today, the need for trusting the best and safe QR code generator escalates.

Trusting the safe and best QR Code generator can make a great difference to QR code users and advocates the need for engaging the future of information sharing.  With the list made by QR code experts, it shows that a safe QR code generator should have the qualities that both the customer and developers can equally benefit from.

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