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11 awesome tech fitness options when you want to skip the gym

You can like tech without sitting at a desk all day.

suunto gps watch on wrist
Image: Suunto

With our modern work lives, we could all do with getting more exercise. The thing is, not everyone likes to go to the gym, even when they do care about their personal fitness. What if we could make exercise more fun, easier or simply more productive?

The tech world hasn’t slept on trying to improve fitness tech, and some of the stuff you can get now is just what you need to get your homebody into a gymbody.

Here’s 10 of the best next-gen fitness tech you can buy

Get fit, the KnowTechie way, with this list of some of the best fitness tech you can get right now:

LARQ Bottle

larq self-cleaning bottle on table next to a laptop
Image: LARQ

Okay, we all know the importance of keeping hydrated. That means having a water bottle to refill throughout the day. Thing is, have you ever looked inside your water bottle after a while? Yechhhh. Now you don’t have to worry about mold, bacteria or virii, with the $95 LARQ bottle. You can get it in two sizes, 24 oz and 32 oz, and now, in two styles, as the lighter, single-walled LARQ Bottle Movement has joined the double-wall construction of the original LARQ bottle.

It uses a patented UV-C system to self-clean your bottle (and your water) every few hours. You can even switch it to Adventure Mode, for extra cleaning power if you’re using water from natural sources. No filters to replace, no tablets to use for purifying, just a quick tap of the button on the lid, with a rechargeable battery that lasts for a month.

Motiv Ring

motiv fitness tracking ring stood on box
Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

If a step wasn’t tracked, can it be said to have happened? That’s a tricky philosophical question, needing a modern solution. For those of you that hate wearing a watch, or don’t want something on your wrist that can get snagged, check out the $200 Motiv Ring.

This tiny ring packs some serious next-gen tech, with a heart monitor, a three-day battery, and some serious smarts. I’ve only taken mine off since I first put it on to recharge it.

Wisenfit EMS clothing

wisenfit sportswear
Image: Wisenfit

Literally super-charge your workouts with the electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) equipped clothing from Wisenfit. The EMS helps work all your muscles at the same time, making your workouts more effective. That’s great, cause let’s face it, not everyone likes to work out.

They’re currently working on fulfilling their Kickstarter backers, so you’ll have to wait for the retail release if you want some.

Xen Vagus Nerve Stimulating headphones

xen headphones on nightstand
Image: Neuvana

Ever wished you were less stressed? What if you could do something about it, without pills or intoxicants?

Now you can, with the $400 Xen Vagus Nerve Stimulation system. It uses special headphones to stimulate the vagus nerve, which should calm down the body’s nerve responses to stress, among other things. Science, isn’t it great?

The AURA Band

Aura band smart fitness tracker
Image: KnowTechie

This AURA Band fitness tracker breaks your body down into four categories – muscle mass, fat, hydration, and minerals – and tracks them throughout the day, so you can achieve your fitness goals whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or drink more water.

The AURA Band regularly collects and analyzes data points to give you appropriate recommendations to improve your health, stress levels, and sleep efficiency, giving you the most complete fitness profile possible in a single smart device.

Withings Body Cardio smart scale

withings smart scale and app
Image: Withings

The only way to reliably track your progress towards your health and fitness goals is by measuring EVERYTHING. Thankfully, Withings is here to help with devices like the $150 Body Cardio smart scale. It links up to the Health Mate app to track weight, body fat %, standing heart rate, muscle and bone mass, and more.

It’s also super compatible, with over 100 of the most used health apps, from Apple Health, to the Apple Watch, Google Fit and more. I’ve been using mine for about a month now as part of my weight loss journey, and the data it collects has been invaluable to keeping on track. Withings also draws on their health knowledge to give you handy tips to keep you going.

SUUNTO 5 Multisport GPS Watch

suunto gps watch on wrist
Image: Suunto

If you want to leave the beaten path, you might feel safer if you still knew where you were at all times. Suunto has some of the best GPS enabled watches out there, and the $330 Suunto 5 is no exception.

Standout features include real-time bread crumb navigation, route planning, heat maps of popular routes via the Suunto app, and 24/7 activity tracking. Leave your phone in your backpack and get notifications and calls on your wrist, leaving your hands free for adventure.


huel starter kit for fitness
Image: Huel

Protein shakes are so old-school. Grab the power of plant protein in the shakable form of Huel, packed with fiber, fats, and all 27 essential minerals and vitamins. You’ll be a Hueligan in no time.

I’ve been replacing both breakfast and lunch for the last month, and have lost almost 15 lbs in total. Not bad, considering I’m a self-confessed exercise-phobic. It comes in ready-mixed bottles too, but you’ll have to get those direct from Huel at the moment. Expect a full review soon, for now, just know that the scale doesn’t lie.

LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

under desk treadmill
Image: LifeSpan

With the rise of standing desks, we can now move around a bit more while we drudge away at our administration tasks. If just rocking side-to-side doesn’t appeal to you, and you have a grand to spare, maybe invest in your future health with an under-desk treadmill.

LifeSpan has some of the best desk treadmills on the market, meaning you can feel like you’re getting somewhere, even if the daily grind is getting to you.

Fitbit Versa 2

three fitbit versa 2 fitness models
Image: Fitbit

If you want a wrist-worn fitness tracker, and don’t want to pay the Apple tax – check out the $200 Fitbit Versa 2. It might not have the ECG monitoring of the more expensive watch, but it’s half the price. Oh, and it has 5 days of battery life, so it can actually track your sleeping habits without needing daily recharging.

I’ve got the prior version and it’s light to wear, accurate, and pretty stylish. The Versa 2 builds on that with more customizability in watch bands and housings and now has Alexa built-in. Hey Alexa, how’s it hanging?

Activ5 Fitness system

activ5 fitness coaching device and smartphone app
Image: Activ5

Nobody actually likes having a personal trainer, but what if you could replace them with AI? Activ5 is an isometric workout system that adjusts to your strength levels, personalizing over 100 activities so you don’t get bored in your workout routine. The best part? You can do it from anywhere, as the trainer device is easily pocketable. It’s $130 for the device, which also gives you access to the full range of workouts and gamified exercises inside the Activ5 app.

Importance of Fitness Technology Solutions

Today is the age where technology is used to its fullest. For instance, GG Money online explains how gym business owners can recover from the challenges that they’re facing by taking advantage of technology. For consumers, taking advantage of fitness technology solutions is one way to keep fit and healthy, even with the fast-paced lifestyle and the busy schedule people have today. 

Most people find that having a system in which they can use may help them stay on top of their workouts, whether they want to get into shape or lose weight. Also, most people will find that they don’t have the time to commit to complex fitness programs. This is where the use of technology in the form of tech fitness solutions can really come in handy. 

Here are the benefits of using fitness technology solutions:

  • Easily Keep Up With Workouts: A person will be able to use the right technology and the right software to allow convenience in their workouts, making exercise much easier to do.
  • Keep You Reminded: Fitness technology solutions, such as smartwatches and fitness apps, keeps track of your fitness progress through automatic notifications sent through your smartphone or through the app itself. 
  • Save Time And Money: Using fitness technology solutions will save you money in the long run because you can work out at home. While gym memberships are not as expensive as they used to be, you eliminate the hassle of traveling or spending money on gas working out in a gym.

Now, you’re fully aware of these awesome fitness options you can try. If you made it to the end, phew, what a workout! Hopefully, you have a few ideas for making your fitness goals easier.

What gadgets do you use for keeping some level of fitness in your life? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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