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11 effective ways to use the internet

The internet is a great resource, but if you don’t plan your browsing activities, the internet may cheat you of time.

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There are endless possibilities once you figure out how to make the most of the internet. The worldwide web is more than three decades old and has greatly impacted the lives of billions of people across the world. While the internet is the largest digital library for knowledge hunters, it can also be a black hole for people who don’t know how to use it effectively.

That said, 70% of adults want rules to be set for social media. Nevertheless, it will be counterproductive if you don’t know how to use the internet to your advantage in this globalization era. So, here are eleven ways to use the internet effectively. 

Install good apps

Application software packages can make life easier for you in one way or another. Think about any questions you have, and put it into Google search and get access to millions of results. The internet is deeper than you can explore. If you make good use of search engine results, you can solve many of the everyday problems you encounter. Installation of iOS and Android apps is a no-brainer. You don’t need to be a programming geek before you can install a game-changing app on your phone. Hop over to Google PlayStore or Apple’s App Store, and you can download tons of apps to simplify your daily life activities.

Apart from loading up your phone with social media applications, find apps that can help you perform tasks that are relevant to your profession or lifestyle. Thankfully, there are a lot of them for various activities, from teaching to health and technical fields.  For example, students can download dictionary apps onto their phones to boost their vocabularies. With offline dictionary apps, you can look up words even when your internet connection is turned off. Use dictionaries to improve your vocabulary and strengthen your communication skills.

Learn a skill

As opposed to inborn talents, skills are techniques (abilities) that you can acquire through training or learning. The internet holds the master key to any school of skills you want to learn. Excuses like “I don’t have a talent.,” are no longer valid in certain aspects. The point is that maybe you are yet to identify your talent, but then, it’s not too late to learn a skill. Visit educational websites such as MIT OpenCourseWare, SkillShare, and Coursera to master any craft of your choice.

Improve your knowledge

Since the worldwide web has turned the world into a global village, you don’t want to live in an isolated world of your own. What happens in one part of the world can directly affect your region. So, expand your thoughts and become a global thinker by reading, watching, and listening wide. On, you can subscribe to channels and tap into the wisdom of motivational speakers and entrepreneurs. Success is about your mindset; it’s about self-expression. If you want to be successful, listen to successful people. When you develop powerful opinions and global views, they can translate to success.

Shop online

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Before the birth of the internet, there was nothing like online shopping. The Covid-19 Pandemic has drawn the attention of the world to the importance of shopping on the internet. Ever since the novel coronavirus showed its face, nationwide lock-downs have tied people to their homes, with little freedom of movement. Depending on where you live, your economic activities may have also been impacted by the virus.

But you don’t have to wait for another pandemic to strike before you learn how to order products from all the retail stores available. Online shopping saves you the risk involved in offline shopping. As long as you have a credit/debit card, a PayPal account, go digital by shopping over the internet. Do you want to get discount offers to buy online? Look for couponing companies around your geographical area. They can get you better price-offs to purchase assorted kinds of stuff online.

Get the best internet data package

Internet access can be very expensive if you don’t get the best data packages. In a world where billions of devices compete to fetch results from webs servers, the speed of your connection is very important. Internet lovers in the UK can get smarty SIM cards to enjoy good data plans starting with as little as £5/month. The good news is that smarty SIMs are compatible with tablets and WiFi routers. Moreover, there is a money-back guarantee for unused data. Subscribe to a monthly data plan, and you’re on your way to surfing the web at top speeds. The icing on the cake is that when you exhaust your data bundle before the end of the month, a data add-on will cost you just £1/GB. Amazing, isn’t it?

Make a to-do list

Browsing the internet can be addictive. So you need to plan well before you open your web browser. Are you going to listen to some music, or do you want to download some documents? Whatever your intention is, get it listed on your to-do list. You don’t want to waste so much time browsing through pages that have nothing to do with your to-do list. When you have a well-planned time table for your web browsing assignments, it will serve as a concrete reminder that you must strive to accomplish tasks in time. 

Work offline when the need arises

The internet is tricky and persuasive. Sometimes if you make up your mind to visit website A, it takes you to website B. One way to control your browsing habits is to try to work on projects which can be done offline.

For example, if you have a very lengthy email to type, you can do it offline by using Microsoft Word to type and edit your text. The idea is that working offline will allow you to focus on the work and avoid the temptations to visit irrelevant websites.  You will also stay clear of distractions in the form of email notifications. Offline text editors can help you to easily format your documents and upload them to your mail after you’re done typing.

Control your social media usage

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The average high school student spends up to 3 hours playing computer games every day.  That said, adults also spend quite a lot of hours scrolling through social media news feeds. Except that your full-time job is social media management, there is no point in you wasting away your productive hours on social media.

Though they are vital tools for digital marketing, these platforms are beginning to cause more harm than good to some users. Even while at work, many people cannot resist checking up on the latest updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and so on. If you spend only an hour on each of the above social networks, in all, it will equate to 4 hours a day being lost. The best way to gain control over your social media usage is to time yourself. Set the alarm to notify you when your time is up to log out. Finally, you can also customize your social media account to remind you to take a break.

Check your emails daily

Reading email messages is one of the best ways to use your internet time. For freelancers, pitching for gigs is part and parcel of their jobs. Most people apply for jobs by using their email addresses. Failure to read your mails in time can be quite counterproductive, especially when you don’t reply to important emails in time.

The recommended number of times you should check them is three times a day. Your email checking time can be broken down to morning, afternoon, and evening. During each email reading session, try to reply to all the important emails, and be sure to check your trash folders as well. Sometimes important emails accidentally find their way to your trash folders. And they may automatically disappear after 30 days if you don’t read them. You can also turn on the notification for mails to on so that you can catch them immediately when they come in.

Say no to multitasking

It’s common for internet users to open up several windows when they know that they can’t focus on all the windows at a time. Unfortunately, multitasking doesn’t mean that you will always be ahead of time. On the contrary, it can rather waste your time because it’s virtually impossible for you to give equal attention to so many things at a go. Once again, to avoid the negative effects of multitasking, stick to your online to-do list and approach the tasks one after the other.

Browse the internet during your productive hours

The truth is that every person has his/her productive hours. Find out the best time of the day during which your body is most active, and schedule your browsing to suit that time. When you wake up in the morning, and your body feels so heavy, it may be a bad idea to say you’re going to browse. Take your breakfast and energize yourself before you go online.

To summarize, the internet is a great resource for people who are in love with digital entrepreneurship. But if you don’t plan your browsing activities, the internet may cheat you of time.

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