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11 incredible inventions in gaming technology

Here’s everything you need to know.

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Video Games passed a long way before becoming a mainstream brand in the 1980s. Today we can talk about some leading advances which changed the gaming industry. Check out several examples.

Introduction of Facial Recognition

First of all, we can talk about facial recognition and 3D scanning advances. Both of them allow gamblers to create a likeness in the gaming world. It means that you can have a personalized avatar for casino purposes. For example, you can use Intel RealSense 3D camera which allows you to design games that adept at the gambler’s emotions.

Voice Recognition

Let’s take a look at another gaming advance – voice recognition. Thanks to new technology, computers can recognize humans’ voices. From now on, you can turn on/off gaming console, select games from the media library, start a conversation with other players and search the internet. And everything with the help of voice recognition technology.

Gesture Control

Intel RealSense is another progressive technology that allows players to engage in first-person shooter chances. From now on, players can take advantage of the 3D camera which tracks 22 points of someone’s head. Thanks to the gesture control, people can connect with personal gaming experience. A typical example of tech is game Warrior Wave where you use RealSense tech to move Greek soldiers.

Impeccable Graphics

Gaming customers can enjoy captivating graphics together with amazing features. Games are optimized for different screens including computers and mobile devices.

HD Display

Video gamers search for a progressive experience full of features and style. Thanks to High-Def displays, players can enjoy an incredible gaming adventure full of colors and options. Here we talk about 4K televisions and 4K laptops which include at least 4000 pixels.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality conquered the gambling sector and allowed customers to embrace immersive gaming chances. VR enables players to enter the real casino world without leaving the home (with VR headset).

Augmented Reality

Let’s talk about the opposite model – Augmented Reality (AR). This technology allows players to operate spaces in the real world. It means that you can adapt the object of the game to a real-life situation.

Wearable Gaming

Thanks to wearable gaming, players can enjoy the portable gaming experience. For this purpose, you can use smartwatches or glasses and have an amazing time. The term wearable applies not only to the body but also to gaming consoles extensions.

Mobile Gaming

One of the life-changing advances in the gaming sector is the introduction of mobile gaming. This innovation allows gamblers to access games from mobile devices. It means that casinos are available from any place and time without limitations. Customers enjoy the trend and access games in different situations.

Cloud Gaming

Developers are not looking to create powerful hardware anymore. Instead of that, producers look to lighten the load. It means that you don’t need additional memory to run favourite games. Thanks to cloud gaming, people can access massive content via Internet images.

On-Demand Gaming

Video gamers can watch and share live-streams. However, one of the recent additions allows gamblers to stream video games and become stars in the gambling world.

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