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1byOne wireless bluetooth in-ear sports headphones review – decent until they stop working

As with any gadget, time is the ultimate test. Unfortunately for these headphones from 1byOne, they failed. It’s too bad, because I really enjoyed them.

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I’ve had a pair of these headphones from 1byOne for a few months and they’ve served me fairly well, until recently. I used them to sleep in, as they’d usually do a pretty good job of staying in my ears and only needed to be recharged once a week.

Not exactly the ideal situation for these headphones to work in, but long-term comfort and not moving is the name of the game in sports aimed gear, so what better test than sleep where you’re likely to roll around on them constantly. Turns out it’s not such a great idea.

1byone headphones


They don’t exactly sound terrible, but they aren’t rich either. It’s mostly tinny with very little bass punch, but for the price they don’t sound terrible and they’re certainly more comfortable than the stock earpods that came with my iPhone. Then again, those aren’t wireless, and that’s what makes these 1byOne headphones appealing: They’re like $35 and cheap enough to almost buy a few to be disposable, even though they really shouldn’t be.


I used them nightly for about two months or so and never had any issues. They fit in my ears well, and they come with an assortment of different sized earplugs and silicone grips that hold them in your ears fairly decently, and they worked well from my vantage point when wearing them out for a walk or cutting the grass.

I never wore them in rain, so I can’t say whether or not they really are “sweatproof” but I know when I got hot and sweaty wearing them, I never had any issues so maybe it’s just a matter of how they got wet in the first place.

1byone headphones

Unfortunately, I stopped wearing them because the left ear piece fell apart. I woke up one morning and it was literally hanging by the wires from the piece that was in my ear. I snapped the plastic back together but within two days the wires had ripped off of the circuit board making the left side of headset unusable.

Final Verdict

It’s a shame cause they aren’t bad, but I guess it’s a story of “you get what you pay for” and buying cheap headphones means you should expect them to fail within a relatively short period of time. Still, the low price makes them a little easier to pick up as an impulse buy, akin to a wireless pair of $10 headphones you’d pick up at Walgreens or in an Airport.

With a little more durability these 1byOne headphones would be easy to recommend but because of their iffy nature, I’d suggest picking them up just to see if you’d actually like wearing wireless in-ear headphones before you buy a more durable and more expensive set. 

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The Good
Fairly inexpensive
Decent battery life
The Bad
Sound is a little tinny
Easily breakable
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