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20 world-changing tech startups to watch

There are hundreds of unsung heroes about to be discovered so it is worth scanning the horizon for more.

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Every month we hear of people who have moved boldly in the tech sphere, to provide next-level solutions that improve the world. Today I’d love to share a list of 20 companies that I find inspiring for different reasons:

Ayenda Rooms​

A genius system for managing properties, which all started with independent hotels in Colombia. The three-year-old company ensures that the hotels using the system get a full booking and property management services. This includes access to all necessary amenities in a building like meals, Television, Internet and clean beddings.

This Colombian tech company has said that it has the ability to increase the occupancy rate of a hotel by 30% in the first three months. This matters to global tourism, as clearly not every city sees the high occupancy rates we see in Paris, Tel Aviv and NYC. Certainly a company to watch!


Based in New York, this is a home monitoring system uses your smartphone to as an intercom. It generates access codes for different deliveries as well as providing video streams allowing one to interact with people at home in real-time. (Check it out here)


New parents have a challenge of learning about their young ones because of the limited spruces available to them for learning. BabySparks is a subscription service based in Miami and meant to educate parents about children and providing appropriate care to them. (Check them out here)


The FDA and other regulators abroad struggle to pin down illegal pharmacies – even though this is part of how America can fight back against opioids. Well, in Asia it is not too different and the big problem there is that in India the general public cannot easily distinguish between lawful outfits and illegal online pharmacies.

Now Pharmeasy did something awesome: They are connecting people with legal, registered pharmacies in their own area. This does not only cut down on illegal outfits – but reduces transportation cost for medicine and helps suppliers to keep track of consumer trends. They also take diagnostic tests out to people that were previously almost unable to use a similar service in remote areas.


This is an application in the transport industry aimed at providing the comfort needed in traveling long distances. The application manages luxury buses the operate in San Francisco, which allow the passengers to even sleep while travelling. (Check them out here)


This is a digital banking application meant to help banking customers to track the flow of their finances. Founded in 2016 at Medellín, Colombia, the company has grown to a level of offering credit cards as well as partnering with banks to offer back-end services on finance.

Channel Cross Border

This is a news-based application targeting audience in Asian-American Pacific Islander. The application based in Washington DC has multiple languages that it can reach and successfully deliver news to its target audience.


This New York-based company that establishes real estate fund in San Francisco, New York, and Miami, which is meant for the upcoming generation of investors on these areas.


Check out this four-year-old company that helps homeowners build modern backyards in their homes. The backyard becomes an annex to the main building, which adds more beauty and aesthetics to your backyard.

Covered Insurance

Insurance is an old game – but this three-year-old insurance business is meant to give ease and flexibility to insurance buyers. The company allows customers to get tailored insurance covers, which they can choose to opt-in and out at their time will.


Now here is an investment application that allows customers to invest any amount of money they have as well as make savings. The application based in Nigeria, allows people to save as low as 100 naira.

Dana Cita

People love this Indonesian application that provides students with loans. Being a year old, the application has offered about $144,000 to students in Indonesia.


This is a software meant to help developers keep their API keys, which are essential in their programming job. This software by a San Francisco programmer will help the software developers save time spent in remembering passwords and use them in doing more coding.


Now here we have a platform meant for managing finances and investments in a different way: It is an automated system that allows people to make investments in low fee mutual funds. The software was inspired by the Betterment or Wealthfront platforms.


This is an e-commerce application that allows restaurants to source their products directly from the farmer. Based in Bogota, Colombia, the application is aimed at helping restaurant owners to source for fresh foods from farms as well as help farmers sell more of their farm produce.


This is an application aimed at managing food and waste from food. The application allows people to donate excess food to charities as well as help businesses get rid of waste at a small fee. The application is free to non-profit clients. The application has some profits as well to corporations attached to tax benefits.


This application was developed in India two years ago. It gives free access to Indian consumers to investment channels like mutual funds. Further, the application allows users to track and understand the flow of their finances.


More sales, better sales? Take a closer look: This is a sales application that allows customers to purchase goods on credit. The application charges 2% on purchases made. Developed in India, $1.5 million the app is said to have raised around $1.5 million


Cancer is a huge problem in the world. Well, this is a technology developed in Mexico and aims at helping in the detection of breast cancer. The technology is placed in a wearable device known as Eva, that is placed under a bra and helps in monitoring the breast conditions, which could favor tumour growth.

Homework Answers

This is a platform that links students to tutors. Based in California, the application offers instant help to students who are seeking help for their assignments. The application allows a student to ask a few questions for free when they sign up and then pay in case they have more questions to ask.

Final scoop:

Use some digital research tools and discover your own great startups. To be honest, there are hundreds of unsung heroes about to be discovered so it is worth scanning the horizon for more.

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Avi Ben Ezra is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Cofounder of SnatchBot and SnatchApp (Snatch Group Limited). He leads the Group’s long-term technology vision and is responsible for running all facets of the tech business which includes being the architect of the platforms and UI interfaces. Avi has proven tech track record and 15+ years of demonstrated career success developing tech initiatives of organizations of varying size and scope. Avi possesses in-depth experience in developing digital market places within Fintech and AI.

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