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2020 the year of affordable and accessible tech

Smart home gadgets will become more accessible and affordable, whereas others will still be finding their place in the market.

amazon echo and google home mini smart speakers

Since the earliest inventions arose, technology has almost always started large, expensive, and only available from one or two sellers. It also takes some time to iron out any wrinkles, which means reliability and trust in a product takes some time to be established.

Over the years, we have seen products be developed and refined until they become affordable and accessible so that many of us can take advantage of them. This happened with computers, flatscreen televisions, soundbars, and many more products and services.

We take a look at why this happens, as well as reviewing some items that buck the trend, and the main gadgets to look out for in 2020.

Smart Homes in 2020

One particular type of technology has become more affordable and accessible in recent days, which means we’ll see more people using it in 2020. It comes in the form of smart technology, and specifically smart gadgets for the home. Like many new technologies, it focuses on making our lives more convenient and giving us more control.

We can get an idea of what is on offer based on the various gadgets available from Bazz Smart Home. These show us the range, the accessibility, and the lower price range for these smart solutions. You don’t need a complicated set up to have a smart home anymore. Many gadgets can be used with third-party products, like smart speakers and hubs.

The kinds of smart gadgets we can expect to become more common in 2020, besides voice assistants, are smart lighting and smart plug sockets that turn other appliances into smart tech, and an increase in home monitoring equipment. We’ll be able to control the rest of our tech using voice commands and our smartphones.

How Innovation Brings Affordability

Innovation can often be brought about by needing to solve a problem, but it also can be driven by a competitive market. Standing out from the crowd in the tech industry can be challenging. Many companies look for ways to get ahead or to make their product the one that consumers choose.

One way of achieving that is to use innovative solutions when it comes to production. The more a product is streamlined, the better value it can offer for customers. This can sometimes disrupt the market, and change the prices for products, especially when it comes to technology. 

As a design improves, or as the companies compete for market share, the prices can go down, and the gadgets become more affordable. This can be connected to availability, too. Once a product takes off, thanks to catching the consumer’s eye, the various outlets are keen to have it on their shelves to bring customers to their place of business.

Technology That Is Growing More Expensive

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Although many items, like smart assistants and smart home technology, become more accessible and more affordable, it isn’t always the case. Innovation and advances in technology can also have the opposite effect.

Smartphones haven’t become more affordable. In fact, the flagship phones from the top companies like Google, Samsung, and Apple cost around $200 more than a few years ago. This is in part down to the cost of making a high-end phone. With improved screens and now foldable devices, design and production have changed.

There are two elements at play in the cost of smartphones that aren’t connected to innovation but do relate to the consumer. One is the markup of prices, which are likely due to the fact that most people now have a smartphone and are keeping their devices for longer, so companies need to improve prices to maintain profits. The other is the impact of inflation, which accounts for some of the price increase.

2020 will bring the introduction of new technologies that have been in development in 2019, and some for many years before. While we may see the prototypes appearing, the gadgets that use these technologies might not be widespread and affordable to begin with.

Autonomous Driving

The first vehicles are projected to be completed in 2020. That doesn’t mean we’ll see them on our roads anytime soon, but this technology is very close to being realized. This kind of technology needs to bring along the laws, regulations, and safety measures to go with it before it can become affordable and accessible.

5G Networks

These data networks were rolled out in 2019, but not everywhere and not in an affordable way. We can expect that to continue into 2020 before we see the 5G data becoming the new normal for everyone. It will bring us fast download and upload speeds, as long as the coverage is sufficient and the data plans are less expensive.

Extended Reality

This term is used to cover both virtual realities and augmented reality. While both have started to appear in some gadgets and entertainment services, we expect to see their applications explored in 2020.

Final Thoughts

2020 will bring some exciting new technologies into our lives. Some like smart home gadgets will become more accessible and affordable, whereas others will still be finding their place in the market.

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