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3 biggest trends in the world of online casinos

the world of online casinos can boast several exciting new trends – the top 3 of which list in this article.

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Gambling has been a part of our culture since ancient peoples invented betting games thousands of years ago. Online casinos have been popular since the first, basic casino websites popped up during the early days of the world wide web in the 1990s.

Online gambling will always be hugely popular, especially because of the industry’s constant drive to innovate. One of the secrets to the success of the big online casino providers is that they have never tried to reinvent the wheel. The human race has made incredible technological gains in the last three decades, many of them related to the internet. Rather than go out and create their own tech, the online gambling industry has adapted and integrated technologies from the broader community into their own products and services.

As a result, the world of online casinos can boast several exciting new trends – the top 3 of which list in this article.

Mobile casinos

In the 1990s, online casinos revolutionized the way people gambled by taking the focus away from brick-and-mortar casinos and on to people’s computer screens. Fast forward 25-30 years and mobile casinos have brought a second revolution to the gambling world by bringing slots, table games, and live betting on to people’s smartphones.

There are more than 5 billion smartphone users in the world today, around three-quarters of the total global population. Take away small kids and the obvious conclusion is that virtually everyone has a phone. In recent years surveys have shown an uptick in mobile use for various things, including email, banking, and casinos. The internet has barely been a thing for three decades and now we’re seeing another great migration – from e-commerce to mobile commerce, from online banking to mobile banking, from online casinos to mobile casinos. 


We are in the middle of a payment revolution and online casinos are standing up and taking notice. One of the reasons gambling is so popular is the option of playing online casinos for real money. Gambling really has two elements: there’s the entertainment side of it, which you can get from any number of online activities; and there’s the payment and prizewinning side of it, which is a big factor for many people.

While the real-money aspect of online gambling will never disappear, the types of payments are about to change. More and more online gamblers are switching on to the fact that cryptocurrencies offer a greater degree of anonymity and security than credit cards or bank transfers. As confidence in cryptos grow, an increasing number of online casinos are offering deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Virtual Reality and 3D

It’s no big secret that technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D are set to reshape the worlds of gaming and entertainment. Online casinos are a form of entertainment and, true to form, online casino game manufacturers are leading the front when it comes to experimenting with and integrating these new technologies into their products.

As an example, NetEnt, one of the most innovative of the big global casino game manufacturers, has been developing VR games since 2017. Its Gonzo’s Quest VR game is the first fully playable operator, ready VR casino game. Inspired by the original Gonzo’s Quest casino game which has been played by millions around the globe, Gonzo’s Quest VR has put virtual reality at players’ fingertips. Players log into their casino account on a desktop or mobile device, press the VR tab, then plug in their special VR headset to enter Gonzo’s immersive virtual reality world.

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