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3 digital tools every medical administration assistant should be using

Be the most organized medical administration assistant ever – and make your bosses and your patients happy with your service – with these top digital tools.

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Reports show that the time taken for processing billing and insurance for an inpatient surgical procedure can reach almost two hours. The cost of these administrative tasks alone is more than $200.

If you work in medical administration, anything that can speed up your work will not only make your life easier but will also save your practice money. Thankfully there are digital tools out there that can help you get through these necessary tasks more quickly.

Read on as we look at three digital tools every medical administration assistant should be using.

Power Diary

If you work (or would like to work) as a medical administrative assistant, then you’ll need to deal with a whole range of tasks, from appointment reminders to payment processing.

Power Diary is a practice management software package that can help to speed up many of the tasks you will face each day. It includes one-click calendar management to help you manage multiple diaries in one place. It can also automatically generate email and SMS appointment reminders to save you having to chase up patients. 

It also includes online booking and payment processing, taking more of the mundane and time-consuming jobs off your hands and giving you more time to deal with the most important tasks.


Dealing with waiting lines and walk-ins can get in the way of other tasks. Qminder is a queue management system that can automate patient queuing. Patients sign themselves in using iPads located at the door. They will be informed of the current service status and can see where they are in the queue.

The software can even analyze wait times to help you improve the time management at your practice, resulting in shorter wait times, reduced complaints, and fewer walkaways.

It will free you up to deal with any patients that have further issues, allowing you to provide better customer service for all.


As we have already seen, billing and insurance processing can eat up a huge amount of your time. Kareo is a medical billing system solution that allows you to schedule patients, confirm that they have insurance, and even manage delinquent accounts.

Simply enter a patient’s details and you can verify their insurance claims instantly. It can also handle claim processing and includes billing analytics tools. There’s a patient portal that allows you to share billing and medical information with patients and even communicate with them directly. 

Make Medical Administration Easier

If you work in medical administration, you’ll find that these digital tools will make your life a lot easier. There are plenty more apps out there to help in other walks of life too.

If you’re looking for more great tips for software that can make your life a little easier, then you’re in the right place. Take a look through our Apps section to find all the latest app news and reviews. 

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