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3 easy methods to check your ping

The easiest way to test your ping is using a ping test website.

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The ping you are getting in games or while surfing the internet is important. Having a high ping will have negative effects on your experience. While there are many ways to try and fix it, you need to learn how to check ping.

The best way is to use a ping test that can be found online. If you want to test the ping yourself, stick around as I have a few useful pointers.

A Few Comments About How Ping Works

The ping tells you how long it takes for your computer to send a data packet to a destination and receive a response. It is measured in milliseconds and ideally, it should be below 150ms for most types of online services. For gaming, you want your ping to be lower than that.

Before you learn how to check your ping, you need to understand what are the elements that influence your ping. There are three elements in total.

For a ping test to be performed you need your computer, a transport layer which is the infrastructure made of routers, optic fiber cables, and UTP cables, and a destination server. The problem that would cause a high ping can be in your computer, on the infrastructure, or the destination.

If you have high ping due to issues with the destination server, the packets you send are being delivered quickly while the return packets or the replies may be much slower. When there is an issue with your computer, you take longer to send packets but you receive them faster.

If there is a problem with the infrastructure, your ping is slow both ways. Other scenarios can lead to a higher ping but for now, these will do.

Testing Your Ping

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If you want to test your ping in general, you can do it very easily on a Windows operating system. You will need to open Command Prompt or CMD and input a command.

  1. Hit the start button and type CMD.
  2. Click the “Command Prompt” application.
  3. In the new black window that will show type the following: “ping” (this is a Google server).
  4. Run a continuous ping towards any destination you want by replacing with any IP you want or even a website. You can do a test ping on To run a continuous ping type -t at the end. Ex: “ping -t”
  5. Stop the continuous ping by pressing and holding CTRL then press C.

In the command prompt, you should see a list of lines that start with “Reply”. Those are the ping responses. You will also see “time=XXms”. That is the actual ping. If you see your ping jumping all over the place from one test to another, that is an indication of a problem.

Your ping should never be 30ms for one ping then immediately jump at 100ms for the same ping destination.

Just because you have a good ping with does not mean that everything should work fine. Sometimes, data traffic is not being sent to the destination server most efficiently. This can cause a high ping towards specific servers and services.

If you are a gamer, it would be relevant to test your ping towards the game servers. You will need to know the IP of the game server if you want to know how to check ping for your favorite game. In most cases, Google will prove to be very useful.

  1. Go to
  2. Search the following: “game name” server IP.
  3. Look at the first 5 results and try to find the IPs published somewhere on the web.
  4. Repeat steps 1,2 and 4 from above.

Doing these steps will tell you if there is a routing problem or if there is a problem with the game server in general. If it is a problem with the game server, it should affect all players. Just to be sure about it, you can ask other players if they have a high ping or not.

The Easier Way to Test Your Ping

Another easy way on how to check ping is to do it within the application. This does not work will all applications and it is mostly for gamers. Most games have a built-in feature to show you your ping in real-time while you play the game.

The ping will fluctuate but it should not have spikes. If you do not know if your game has such a feature, do a google search to see if it is possible. There are also a few third-party apps that can monitor ping in games.

While they can make it easier to see your ping in real-time without you doing anything, you still have to go through the process of installing them. However, they tend to work only with certain games and they can be loaded with bloatware.

The Easiest Way to Test Your Ping

The easiest way to test your ping is using a ping test website. A ping test website does a few things better and much faster. First of all, it automates the process.

You do not have to open any app or type any commands. At worst, it will ask you to type the destination IP or hostname. You can follow the above steps to get the IP of a game server or application.

Another thing that a ping test does is to provide a list of hosts or destinations towards which you can test your ping. In most cases, these come in the form of drop-down lists that you can click on, select, and just hit the test ping button.

Some of these tests even tell you where the destination IP is located which can be relevant as you want a low ping towards a server that is close to your geographic location.

Overall, such a test can make it much easier to determine your ping. I would still recommend learning how to check ping with Command Prompt as it can be convenient to use once you get the hang of it.

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