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3 pieces of office equipment that can be replaced by your smartphone

While many companies still have fax machines, scanners, and filing cabinets, our smartphones can do everything they can do, only in a much more optimized fashion.

fax machine
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The way that businesses operate has changed a lot in recent years. In particular, the equipment used by businesses has undergone a facelift. While offices used to be full of large and bulky office equipment, we are beginning to see this change. Many companies are ditching this equipment to save space and money, as well as optimize their operation.

This widespread change is thanks to technology, and most notably, the smartphone. Our smartphones can do a lot, including a variety of things that used to only be done by large equipment at the office. Without any further ado, let’s look at a couple of large pieces of office equipment that can be replaced by your smartphone at many companies.

Fax Machine

Before email became prevalent and used by nearly every company on the planet, faxing was the most common and easiest way to share information and documents. It was incredibly helpful to be able to send memos, contracts and other documents to another location, instantly. While some companies have stopped using faxes, many others have not.

If your company still needs to send and receive faxes, you don’t need a bulky and expensive fax machine to do so. Sending faxes virtually, using almost any sort of device that is connected to the internet, is now possible.

For example, the best online fax service options out there can help you send and receive faxes right from your phone, with no fax machine needed. These solutions also offer online signature, online storage, great security, and so many other benefits. They are incredibly quick, cost-effective and take little effort.


A scanner was an incredibly popular piece of equipment in many offices, and in some areas still is. It is instrumental for getting documents online, can read information, and can sometimes also make copies of the documents as well. However, phones now scan as well (if not better) than scanners. They can be taken anywhere you want to go and work incredibly well.

In seconds, your phone can scan any document and copy it either to the phone, or to another connected device. No longer do you need to take your paper to the scanner and wait, you can scan anything, no matter where you are. Many scanning apps offer several benefits, such as the ability to organize what you scan and keep them secure. Using your camera, their scanners can offer the same quality, in much less time.

Filing Cabinets

While many companies still use paper, there is a major push for companies to go paperless. There are many different benefits to going paperless, such as it being better for the environment and reducing clutter. The less paper that companies use, the less need they will have for a filing cabinet. Filing cabinets take up a lot of space, can be incredibly difficult to move around, and simply don’t look that good in many offices.

Some companies are actually replacing filing cabinets with phones, computers and other devices. Using the cloud or local online storage allows any device to store and edit files instantly, without having to search through a filing cabinet. As more information and documents are stored online, your smartphone can act as storage itself, or facilitate the storage on other devices. This is especially easy with things like Google Drive and OneDrive in place, as well.

In conclusion, while many companies still have fax machines, scanners and filing cabinets, our smartphones can do everything they can do, only in a much more optimized fashion. If you have the right apps or programs, your phone can replace a lot of outdated equipment in your office.

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