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3 reasons web security is now more important than ever

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Since long before the advent of Web 2.0, cybersecurity has been a top priority for internet users. Whether because of malicious viruses destroying your system or hackers trying to your information, the internet has and will always be a risky environment. Social media made it especially pertinent, since hackers could now use your trust and naivete to trick you into giving them control. In the worst case scenario, they could convince you they’re someone who they’re not, and put your life at risk.

And web security is more important than ever. Sites like Secure Thoughts are entirely dedicated to finding ways to keep your info safe, for some very pertinent reasons.

There are 3 things in particular that make web security more important now than ever.

  1. The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the growing interconnectedness between our computers, phones, and all our other devices. Think about how you can even control your home with technology that connects to your computer or smart device. You can choose to connect innocuous features, such as curtains and music, or the very security of your house, including alarm systems.

The thought of someone getting control of your house is pretty terrifying and has already been used in media, such as Mr. Robot and The Purge. As everything becomes ever more connected, a lot more is at stake, making web security absolutely crucial.

  1. Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is enjoying its time in the spotlight. Its value is increasing at a seemingly impossible speed, as the world recognizes the value of a cryptocurrency. It should be self-evident why web security is critical in bitcoin’s success, and everyone involved in its evolution is fixated on keeping it safe.

At the same time, it’s not just cryptocurrency that relies on good web security. With increasing accessibility to bank account functions online, on your computer or phone, hackers are more likely than ever to get a hold of your account details and your hard-earned money. Whether to stop phishing scams or code-based hacks, web security is crucial to the safety of your cash.

  1. Identity

Let’s face it. Our social media accounts, along with our smartphones, have far more information on us than any official documents or databases. Stealing your identity is a lot easier for a hacker than anyone else. Whereas a pickpocket in the past might lift your wallet, along with your ID and driver’s license, their chances of successful identity theft were minimal.

Now, however, we bare everything online. All our passwords are stored in password managers. Our credit card details are kept for easy access. We make our identifying info available to everyone from Facebook to that random game you downloaded last week.

If identity theft does not scare you, nothing will. Web security is only getting more important as we evolve into an entirely technological society. Don’t get left behind.

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