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3 reasons you need a proxy for Instagram

This guarantees safety in numbers, as Instagram is reluctant to block IPs that simultaneously serve their legitimate users.

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Let’s face it: competition has made it impossible for social media managers to do without a proxy for Instagram.

We can’t blame Instagram for having these strangely arbitrary rules that will get your accounts blocked, sometimes without any apparent reason. They are fighting against spammers and fake accounts 24/7.

But those of us who offer our marketing skills to tech-illiterate businesses and celebs are often caught with our guards down by action blocks and account suspension. How can we help them have a healthy online presence when Instagram doesn’t discriminate between honest content creators and trolls?

That’s why having a proxy for Instagram is so important. Let’s see why.

They expand your account management potential

Instagram only allows a few accounts to be created and managed from a single IP address. This is ok if each member of your family has their own IG account, and even your pets can have their own channel. However, this poses a problem when you get good at creating content and engaging with audiences, and want to offer your help to your friends or a business in need of exposure.

Proxies allow you to create additional IP addresses, thus opening more slots for additional accounts without Instagram getting suspicious.

They allow you to automate tasks

To quickly grow an account, you need to perform a lot of actions a day. This means commenting, posting, following other accounts, and liking what others post. Unfortunately, Instagram puts caps on the number of allowed actions per day or hour. But using an Instagram proxy will help you to manage all your Instagram related works so easily. This could be beneficial for smooth growth too.

Managing your accounts through a proxy for Instagram allows you to take more actions and even use apps like Jarvee, which lets you automate thousands of actions for all of your accounts without risking a block.

A 4G Proxy for Instagram is undetectable

Instagram is not stupid. They know when people use proxies. Datacenter proxies are very common for social media management, but IG routinely blocks them. Residential proxies are also a great alternative, but tech companies are getting smarter.

4G proxies provide IPs directly from a mobile ISP´s antenna. It means that you will be using an IP that is shared with hundreds or thousands of real mobile network users. This guarantees safety in numbers, as Instagram is reluctant to block IPs that simultaneously serve their legitimate users.

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