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3 signs you need a computer repair service

Sometimes anti-virus isn’t enough.

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Most of us today deal with computers on a daily basis, whether at home or at our place of work. Office activities like sending emails, status reports, data analysis and cost estimates all require the use of a computer in any form, whether that is a desktop or a laptop.

At home, we also depend on our computers for entertainment and communication. With our dependence on this piece of tech for our everyday lives, it is essential that our computers are always in good running condition.

We all have that fear of our computers crashing at a crucial moment: when we are about to send a time-critical report to our boss, when we are about to book a ticket about to be sold out, or when we are playing a cool online game.

This sudden crash can mean anything, from a minor inconvenience to a major mishap at work. You may try to go the DIY route and search the internet for possible fixes, but multiple computer crashes usually mean a bigger issue in the system, which requires expert attention. You could get in touch with Zoo Computer Repairs for experts guidance.

You may need to know when it is time to call for computer repairs, so here are some signs:

Unusual sounds when running

When working every day with your computer, you will be familiar with the usual sounds that it emits when running. Of course, not all computers are totally silent, as you can still expect the usual fan motor running sounds, and the hard drives can be heard especially when in a quiet environment.

When you start to hear a whirring, buzzing, or erratic sound from your computer, it is wise to shut down immediately and have it brought to a repair center as soon as possible.

According to this article, strange noises are usually an indicator that there is a major issue with your computer. Continuing use of the computer with unusual noises can lead to more damage, as mechanical components can start to hit other parts.

A bigger concern, especially for laptops, are damaged fans that can start to hurt the adjacent components due to the confined space inside. Loose parts like small screws and spacers can get dislodged inside the case and start to hit mechanical or electrical parts, and may lead to a shorted circuit.

It is strongly advised for you to stop using a computer with unusual noises, as this can lead to irreversible damage if not managed. Go immediately for computer repair work.

Slower processing speeds

Sluggish processing speeds for computers are not only harmful to your productivity but can also be harmful to the computer itself. Slow response times can interrupt your usual workflow, which can reflect negatively on your performance. Slow performance usually indicates an overload in the memory or your programs is not compatible with your system.

Lack of updates can also result in slow responsiveness. This may mean the need for a reinstall of the operating system, or a hard drive replacement. If this happens, it is advisable for you to get your computer repaired by an expert to ensure good results.

Peripherals and accessories act erratically

When your computers are behaving normally, you usually assume that everything is fine. A little known fact is that errors on your accessories may also mean a major problem on the computer.

Common problems include printers that refuse to work from your computer or erratic behavior from the keyboard and mouse. Problems with connectivity like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can also be connected to computer issues.

This usually means that the computer fails to communicate properly with outside devices, whether as a result of driver issues or hardware issues.

You may have to call professional repair services when this happens, as they can quickly troubleshoot and repair the communication ports and its drivers.


It can be very easy to fall into the trap of being so used to working on your computers or laptops that you totally forget that your oft-used computers may already be in need of an overall checkup or repair.

If you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms happening to your computer, bring it to a professional servicing company for a timely check and possible repairs.

Have you ever had major computer issues? What did you do about it? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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