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30 examples of good content for digital signage

Remember that digital signs can enhance your workplace and help improve your brand image. Not every sign has to double as a store salesperson.

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If you are in the market for some new digital signs and digital signage software, then you are probably looking for a few ideas for content.

In truth, you have a lot of options when it comes to digital sign content, but most people seem to settle on simply using their digital signs for advertising.

Remember that digital signs can enhance your workplace and help improve your brand image. Not every sign has to double as a store salesperson.

Here are a few examples of content ideas you can use for your own digital signs

  • Internal Communications Between Management and Staff
  • Promotions Set in Real Time With Ticking Clocks
  • Sales Videos With a Comic Book or Flip Book Setting
  • Emergency Notices For Staff or Employees
  • Showcases of Work During Meetings or as Training Examples
  • General Information For Staff or Employees
  • Employee Profiles For People At Work Right Now
  • Digital Menu Boards in Restaurants and Fast Food Outlets
  • Quick Notices For Orders, Transfers or Dispatches
  • Video Content Featuring Product Comparisons
  • Sponsorships That Are Mixed With Social Media Content
  • Staff Recognition Where Appropriate
  • Social Media Apps and Dashboards
  • Live Travel and Weather Information
  • In-Store Active Promotions For Each Department
  • Project Management Insights or Targets
  • Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts For The Day
  • Competitions and Quizzes to Keep People Guessing
  • User Generated Content Submitted Online or In Store
  • Leader boards For Staff Members in Staff-Only Areas
  • Advertising For Add-On and Upgrade Services
  • Comments and Chat Highlights From Online Users
  • Current Events and News Information Where Relevant
  • Portions of the Company Website
  • Industry Specific News For Staff Members
  • Building Maps and Directories
  • Multi-Purpose and Meeting Room Signs
  • Notifications of Time-Sensitive Sale Events
  • Customer Quotes and Reviews Left By Customers

There is a degree of success that is dependent on how these examples are executed and deployed. For example, notifications of time-sensitive sales events also pre-supposes that people are already interested in your products.

If they are not, then your video needs to do the extra legwork involved to make people interested. Also, having staff leader boards is fine, but deploying them in the lunchroom where many non-sales staff congregates, may not be the best use of your digital sign.

Consider Solutions For Problems

The best digital sign content is born from people trying to fix problems rather than trying to force their digital signs to become more profitable.

For example, some people put digital signs up near their changing rooms to show people when changing rooms are free.

This was not an idea born from a need to make money, it was probably born from the recurring problem of staff members leaving their post when they are supposed to be monitoring the changing rooms.

Having signs in your window in order to attract people’s attention is a fairly common and effective use of digital signs, but you can expand the notion far further than simply attracting attention.

Your window area is a finite area, which means you can only show a certain number of products in a single day. However, the number of products you can show on a digital sign in just one day is massive.

Essentially, as your signs flip their content from one product video to the next, you are displaying yet another item in your window.

Plus, there are plenty of marketing books that tell you a store window should be changed weekly so that people notice it, but with a digital sign, the content can be changed every few minutes.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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