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28 must-have tools for a web-designer

Buckle in, it’s a long list.

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A web designer faces a number of complex tasks that he needs to solve in order to perform his/her work with high quality. This set of tools will help you do it quickly and efficiently.

There are services for working with fonts, colors, content and finding inspiration.

  1. Stylufy Me

The service automatically creates a style guide for the site. To do this, you only need to provide a link to the site you like, and then Stylufy Me itself will create a detailed list of fonts used on the site and their sizes, colors and even some images.

  1. ReadyMag

A platform with which it is convenient to work with a variety of web materials. Here you can create presentations, texts, websites and even magazines that look like real gloss. You can use templates or make your own layout.

  1. Coolors

Simple, minimalistic and funny website, with which you can quickly generate a color scheme.

  1. Videvo

The site where you can find stock videos for use in the installation or design of the site.


One of the best, yet easiest to use, tools to create infographics.

  1. The Tiny Designer

5-week free design course for all comers will help to understand what to do. “Each of us has a small designer,” – the authors of the course say.

  1. FreePik

Store a large number of photos and vector images, including icons for free use except Free mockups.

  1. Animatron

A resource where you can easily create small animations: cartoons, banners, ads and so on.

  1. Lucidpress

A site where you can create text materials for printing or digital media.

  1. Trendlist

The site where trends in graphic design are tracked. Trends are accompanied by a brief description, examples of works and a popularity chart by year. Popularity, of course, is not objective, namely on this site.


Online tool for creating a modular typographic system with vertical rhythm. An indispensable tool for creating a modular grid in a content oriented screen design.

  1. httpster

It is an excellent source of inspiration for web designers and interface designers. The site has many examples of fashionable sites with non-standard solutions. In general, take it to your wall so as not to lose it.

  1. material design palette

The site, where you can quickly get a color palette in the spirit of material design. Click on two any colors and get a set of 8 colors with codes and explanations.

  1. Gridzzly

A simple tool for printing paper into a dot, ruler, square and hexagon.

  1. NoisePNG

Noisy texture generator.

  1. Free Vector Maps

Large library of vector maps from different regions of the world. Almost all maps can be downloaded free of charge, provided the attribution (link to the site), you can pay $ 10 and do not specify the link.

  1. Fontjoy

Excellent font combinations.

  1. CloudConvert

Online file converter. Converts “anything into anything”. Supports 208 file formats: archives, sound, documents, tables, video, books, fonts, presentations… And the main thing – graphics, both bitmap, and vector.

  1. IconStore

A collection of free sets of icons from first-class designers.

  1. Find Guidelines

Collection of links to guides on corporate styles of Internet companies.

  1. Coverr

A service where the web designer can find free video covers for the site. The project editorial staff uploads seven new videos every Monday. Videos are broken down into categories: “Food”, “Mood”, “Nature”, “Technology” and others. The user can at once look, how the video will look as a cover for a site, without loading video.

  1. CoolHue

A cool selection of gradients for your project.

  1. Novapattern

A collection of good textures, both free and premium.

  1. Grabient

Beautiful and simple gradient selection service for UI projects.

  1. Kyle T. Webster Brushes

More than a thousand professional brushes for Photoshop.

  1. PaperSize

Library, which contains the size of all known paper formats.

  1. GIPHY

The main source of GIF-animations, which in addition to a huge library provides an opportunity to create a bifurcation itself.

  1. RGB color generator

The best thing about the tool is that it can create as many color codes as you need, so the only limit is your fantasy. Besides that, you can pick the color format yourself based on your needs or project specs, be it RGB or HEX. 

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