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4 boredom-busting apps

Got some time to kill? Try downloading these apps to pass the time.

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While we all now lead super-busy lives, there are still some pockets of time to kill. Whether it’s waiting for an appointment, meeting or event or during a dull commute – there’s dead time in need of filling.

Rather than mindlessly scrolling social media, why not take those moments to bust your boredom more productively? From squeezing in a fitness class to doing a touch of brain training, use your smartphone effectively and download these apps today.

1. Gaming

Whether you want to play a colorful and fun game like Candy Crush, train your brain and increase your vocabulary with Scrabble or get an online casino experience and play slots, you can do it all from your smartphone. You can even expand your general knowledge with apps such as Trivia Crack – you’re sure to be favorites to win the next pub quiz!

Downloading a handful of gaming apps for while you’re on the go can really bust commuter boredom while getting you out of awkward conversations and keep your brain cells working hard – what are you waiting for?

2. Fitness

If you’ve not got enough time to go to the gym, download a fitness app to your phone so you can still squeeze in a workout. Apps such as Fiit have 25-minute and 45-minute classes you can do from the comfort of your bedroom. On this app, in particular, there are three ‘studios’ to choose from – Strength, Cardio and Rebalance – where you’ll find loads of on-demand classes led by fitness instructors. Follow the class from your phone or connect to your TV and away you go.

3. Read (and maybe even write!)

Use the time you have spare to expand your horizons! Use the ‘Books’ app on your smartphone to download some literature to read on the go – maybe even go for something you’d never usually try and virtually flick through those chapters.

If you’ve got a library card, you’ve got access to a myriad of audiobooks and ebooks with the Libby app, too. There are also awesome apps such as Wattpad where up and coming authors share their stories for free. If you enjoy the content on there – have a go yourself and upload your work for others to have a read of.

4. Pure entertainment

For a bit of mindless escapism (we all need that every now and then, don’t we?) why not opt for a fun entertainment app such as 9GAG? There are other similar apps out there too if you enjoy what 9GAG offers. Scroll through funny videos, photos, memes, and GIFs and join in with the community of people making hilarious comments and generally having a great time. Who doesn’t love a meme every now and again?

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