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4 cool technologies in mattresses

Consider these four cool technological innovations that you could get in a brand-new mattress today.

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You spend about one-third of your life asleep, and the quality of your mattress plays a big role in your quality and duration of sleep. Only 150 years ago, mattresses were essentially woven sacks or bags stuffed with horsehair, goose down, tufts of wool or old rags.

Today, you can find some surprisingly high-tech technologies inside of a new mattress. Consider these four cool technological innovations that you could get in a brand-new mattress today.

Cooling Gel

Some people get too hot while they sleep. If that includes you or your sleep partner, you might want a mattress that has a cooling gel that extracts heat away from your body. Cooling Gel technology cools you and helps you stay asleep. It does this throughout the night, so your sleep won’t be disrupted from excessive body heat.

Sleep Adjustments

When you get into bed, a sore neck, shoulders or back might interfere with your ability to get into a comfortable sleep position. Fortunately, the best mattresses realize we all have different pain points and we all sleep differently so they have built mattresses to accommodate all types of sleeping behaviors. For example, Amerisleep has a line of 5 beds with different firmness to help you find your preferred sleep positioning. 

Plant-Based Memory Foam

Mattresses are going high-tech and green. While old memory foam used oils and plastics, the best mattresses are using open-cell, Ceriti-PUR certified plant-based memory foam that is better for you and for the environment. This eco-friendly memory foam is non-toxic and breathable and that the latest Celliant technology actually increases local blood flow which can improve your health. Skip the old school memory foam and look for a mattress with a healthier option. 

Sleep Tracking Software

Many people wear a fitness tracking device while they’re awake, but a few mattress manufacturers are now putting sensors and software into their products. These sensors are able to detect how much a person moves, what their heart rate and body temperature are and how much sleep they get. The sensors can track this information for one or two people every night. The owners can get the information from the app in order to track their quality and duration of sleep. 

Future Innovations in Mattresses and Linens

In addition to these amazing technologies, scientists are already working on more innovations that could help you have a better night’s sleep. One of those ideas is a temperature control system for your comforter, bed sheets, and pillows. It would monitor your temperature and automatically cool the linens if your body gets warmer than the temperature setpoint you enter into the software.

Another innovation under development is a self-cleaning mattress. After 10 years of use, a mattress weighs 30 percent more than its initial weight at manufacturing time. This is due to the dust mites and skin cells that infiltrate the mattress. A self-cleaning mattress could also reduce allergy symptoms. Read mattress comparison

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