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4 preventative printer repair & maintenance tips

Looking to get the most life out of your printer? These tips will make sure you don’t have to buy another printer for a while.

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If you have ever been in a situation where you needed to print an important document immediately, you know that this is generally the time your printer will not work. A broken printer is frustrating and can be costly. 

Giving your printer regular maintenance extends the life of your printer and ensures that it is in perfect working order when you need it the most. Follow these four important tips to keep your printer ready to give you high-quality prints and uninterrupted jobs at all times.

Keep Software Updated

When you install your printer software on your computer, it is not a one time only operation. As with all technology, the constant change makes it necessary for the occasional update to fix problems that arise. Be sure to frequently check your printer software for updates. Neglecting to update your printer software can cause problems that result in your printer failing to communicate properly with your computer. Check your computer settings to determine if it can automatically check for and install printer updates.

Clean Your Printer Often

Just like your home and car, your printer gets dirty and needs regular cleaning. The more often you use your printer, the more you will need to clean it. As your printer completes more jobs, the print heads tend to collect ink. If too much ink accumulates on the print heads, it can cause clogs or streaks of ink on your printed pages. Clean your print heads by soaking a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently rubbing off excess ink. Be sure to allow the print heads to dry before using the printer again. It is also a good idea to remove dust and paper fibers from the machine by blowing it out with compressed air. Regular cleaning drastically reduces the chances of a stalled print job and keeps your printed pages looking crisp and clean.

Use Recommended Ink and Paper

Printer accessories can be fairly expensive. For this reason, many people are tempted to pick up discount supplies from less than reputable retailers. Cheap paper and refurbished cartridges may end up costing more money than you are saving. Always follow manufacturer recommendations when it comes to buying supplies for your printer. It is better to spend the extra money now than to buy a knock-off cartridge and have it freeze your printer.

Oil Your Printer

The inside of your printer contains many moving parts that get the ink onto the page and feeds paper through the machine. Over time, these wheels and gears can become stiff, leading to paper jams, uneven printing, and general difficulty printing. You can make the internal parts of your printer run like clockwork by keeping the machine oiled. Open up the access panel of your printer and use a high-quality machine oil to place a drop or two on all moving parts. It is important that you not oil any parts that are plastic. Plastic gears do not benefit from machine oil, and the oils can interact badly with certain kinds of plastic, causing the parts to become misshapen. Only use oil on moving metal parts.

Taking care of your printer with regular maintenance will make your printer less likely to break. Unfortunately, even the best maintenance is sometimes not enough to keep a printer from malfunctioning. If your printer breaks, Imprint Enterprises printer repair services can quickly diagnose and fix the problem so that you have your printer back and working for you in no time.

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