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4 quick fixes to try if your iPhone doesn’t turn on

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Are you frustrated by the fact that your iPhone fails to turn on? Well, no need to worry about your unresponsive iPhone because you only need to follow some steps to restore the working condition of your iPhone.

We will start with the best solutions first for ios system recovery.

Check If the Battery Is Drained Out

If you notice that there is a red battery icon on your iPhone, then this means that your iPhone will not be able to work until the battery has a minimum charge. There are times when the battery of the iPhone gets drained out entirely so there is a possibility that you may not be able to see the charge of the battery for several minutes.

When the display is blank at the time when you plug in your iPhone, then wait for the appearance of the icon. However, if you notice that the red filler of the battery flashes about three times and the screen goes blank, then this means that the iPhone is unable to receive the power to charge.

Restart Your iPhone

If the iPhone has battery charge and still does not start, then try restarting your iPhone. When you have to restart your iPhone, then make sure that you keep pressing the Sleep/Wake button. If you feel that the iPhone is frozen and does not restart, then try out the following.

You should try to press the Home and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. If you notice that the screen dims, then you should continue to push the two buttons till the Apple logo appears.

Reset Your iPhone

There are times when you need to reset your iPhone if it’s giving trouble turning on. To reset the iPhone, you have to click on the Settings tab and click Reset All Settings. The data of the iPhone will remain unaffected this way.

Restore The iPhone

If your iPhone won’t turn on, then you can try restoring your iPhone as well. For this you will need to perform a complete backup, then you can restore your iPhone. To perform the Restore, you need to have the latest version of iTunes.

Next, you have to connect your iPhone to your PC. Select your iPhone when it appears under the Devices in iTunes. It is also vital to perform Sync from time to time. The benefit of the sync is that your contacts, videos, and the phone will be up to date.

Finally, you will get to see the Summary tab, and you will need to click Restore.

You can also force your device into the recovery mode, but remember that you need to have your data backup on the iCloud to perform this process. First, you need to turn off your iOS device. Next, plug the USB cable into your PC.

Now, you have to hold the Home button, and you need to plug the USB cable into your device. Once you see the connect to iTunes screen, release the Home button.

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