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4 reasons to upgrade your company network

The bottom line is that it’s worth the time and expense associated with upgrading the network.

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When was the last time you thought about doing something with your aging business network? Even when you have one composed of the best hardware and software, the day will come when it needs to be upgraded. That day could be today.

As you spend time considering the options for new HPE Aruba switches, a possible replacement for servers, and other essentials, remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Here are four reasons that are likely to apply. 

Making the Most of Your Internet Provider’s Speed

How well does the current setup work with the speed offered by your provider? Depending on the age, condition, and function of different hardware, you may not be making the most of that provider is supplying. Replacing some older components with newer ones can change that. 

Once the upgrades are done, you may notice that everything seems to move a little faster. That’s good news for your employees who get what they need in less time. The result will be that tasks are completed sooner and every day is a little more productive. 

Adding More Capacity to Your Servers

There’s a lot of data stored on the servers. While you do also store data in a cloud setting, information kept on the primary and backup server allow you to be assured that the company is ready for just about any emergency or disaster. As it happens, the servers are getting closer to capacity. 

This can be alleviated by adding more capacity to the servers. Once more memory is in place, it will be easier to process and share the data with authorized network users. This is another element that will make your employees more productive. 

Enhancing Security

Security threats are a fact of life. In fact, most security measures are used every hour of the day in some form or other. As you plan upgrades to the network, it’s worth looking at the latest generation of security measures and what they can mean for your business.

The right measures ensure that proprietary data is out of reach for hackers and other types of threats. It also ensures that threats are detected early on and dealt with in a way that doesn’t slow down the network. Between the protection and the efficiency, this part of the upgrade is more than justified. 

Upkeep and Maintenance is Simplified

You may not be aware of it, but the options you have for newer Cisco switches and other network elements are easier to maintain and keep in proper working order than their older counterparts. Choosing to invest in them makes the process of keeping the network in top shape a little easier. Consider how this could make life better for the IT team. They can take care of basic housekeeping in less time, making them available to do research on new software and other elements that might help the business function more efficiently. 

The bottom line is that it’s worth the time and expense associated with upgrading the network. If you’re not sure what needs doing and how to compare the hardware options that are on the market today, call in a consultant. It won’t take long to decide what’s needed, the features that would serve the business well, and ensure the implementation is everything that it needs to be. 

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