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4 SEO tips for small businesses on a budget


Most small business owners recognize the importance of boosting their company’s presence online. After all, companies that create highly visible websites are typically able to generate a lot of leads and sales as a result. At the same time though, many small business owners don’t have a ton of capital to invest in search engine optimization (SEO).

Hiring a competent marketing agency or freelancer can significantly cut into a new business’s budget. If this problem sounds familiar, then fear not –– this blog post is for you. Here are four awesome and cost-effective SEO tips all business owners can implement today. Check them out here: 

Make Smart Registration Choices

The decision to pick a domain name is almost as important as selecting a name for your entire company. Indeed, the registration process can actually have a big effect on overall site visibility. It’s important to register your domain well in advance of its launch date.

This allows Google and other search engines several months to log your site into their systems. Also, select a domain name that is both appropriate and representative of your brand. Pro-tip, it’s almost always a good idea to include a keyword related to your industry within the URL itself. 

Answer FAQs

Perhaps your company doesn’t have the time or resources to perform in-depth keyword research for your site. This is obviously a problem, but you can get around this in your blog posts (at least) by answering customer FAQs.

There are few safer bets for blog topics than customer FAQs. Addressing issues you know your customers are concerned about will allow you to create content that resonates with your target audience.

One of the most basic, yet valuable, web optimization tricks involves creating backlinks within your site. If, for instance, you mention a product or service in a blog post, then link back to that particular product or service’s individual site page.

What’s more, you shouldn’t hesitate to include quality links from other websites on your pages. Lastly, be willing to offer your services as a guest writer on other industry sites. This can be a tremendous method for earning solid backlinks that will boost your site profile. 

Be Specific

Small companies often thrive in niche markets. By focusing on specific products or services, they can attract interest from a hardcore (but generally smaller) group of consumers. As such, don’t be afraid to optimize your web pages for relatively obscure products like 48 well plates or water bottles designed for citrus fruits, for example. Remember, dominating a niche can be your company’s path out of internet obscurity. 

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