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4 signs your small business phone service needs a change

The only way to remain alive in the market is adapting to the changes. Business phone services follow the same path.

Transition in the business models is inevitable. Even the finest futuristic plans go outdated at a certain point of time and the only way to remain alive in the market is adapting to the changes. Business phone services follow the same path.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he recent decades revolutionized the way businesses communicate – not only with customers, partners, or vendors but also within themselves (i.e. employee to employee communication). The telephonic communication has been a major reason behind this revolution for its promptness and simplicity. A streamlined business phone service ensures that different departments can connect to each other with ease and even the external callers reach the desired destination without facing any hassles. So far, that was enough for the quality business phone service.

Business phone service is again in the state of transition now. With wireless networking and faster internet speed, we are witnessing a massive shift in abilities of the business phone services. These abilities have escalated the potential of the business exponentially. And if your business is not able to able to avail those abilities, chances are that you might not be able to face the competition. To remain up and alive in the competition, ensure that your business phone system is NOT facing any of the following issues or else, it needs some renovation.

No On-the-Go Connectivity

With the computer hardware technology gained massive evolution, now handheld device can perform more operations than what a desktop-sized computer performed some years ago. Moreover, the users find it way more comfortable. By the end of 2016, there will be 2.16 billion smartphone users. The result is BYOD and Work-from-home are very common practices among the businesses.

Consistent connectivity between the employees even when they are not at their workstation ensures that businesses processes are streamlined and delivered without delay. Riding on the benefits of mobile connectivity, many small businesses have deployed the virtual PBX solution to connect remotely located employees on the dial of a few digit extension. If your business is not availing the benefits of on-the-go phone connectivity, you are slower than most in the market and this is the time you decided to upgrade to better.

No Centralized Monitoring System

Telephones currently command a hefty one-third of the total business communications (PDF). Even when the usage of digital mediums, like – email, IMs, chat, etc. are growing at rapid pace, voice medium will maintain close to half of the total share for some more years. When your business phone system host such amount of responsibilities, it is certainly not a resource that you can allow to roam free. To fine-tune the business organization, you must be able to control and monitor such resource with ease and all the time.

Modern solutions, enabled on the cloud and equipped with big data, are therefore preferred as they can instantly provide latest reports of phone usage with fine details. So, as a business owner, you can monitor the performance more precisely – anytime, anywhere – and deploy the needful actions at the soonest.

Spending More Time & Money Maintaining It Than Using It

As the technology comes of its age, it starts asking for frequent repairs and upgrades. With traditional phone systems come servers, switches, phone sets, cables and their arrangement, which are not among the easiest things to maintain. With time, they may face outage and when such outage becomes a frequent occasion at your business, it is better to get a complete makeover. If you are facing such situation quite often, your business is in troubles.

Not only that will disrupt the operations, but it will also bite the pocket. So, it is a double blow for your business. To avoid facing such situation, it is better to switch to a better solution instead of holding on to an outdated one. Latest communication solutions are dependent more on the software segment than hardware. It eases the upgrading and maintenance. Availing a futuristic setup like Unified Communication can empower the complete business communications.

Struggling Compatibility with Other Business Software

Today, software power the businesses. From accounting to marketing, almost all departments rely on the software to automate the work. It takes off the manpower requirement considerably and also mitigates the error possibilities. At times, these software have to work together to be able to produce the required results for business. The same remains the story of the business phone. To keep the productivity barrier scaling, your business phone must be compatible with the software that you rely upon.

Business phone communications usually bring in leads, sales, customer issues, to-do tasks, etc. As most businesses are leveraging the services of CRM/ERP software to manage these cases, it becomes crucial for smooth sync between the phone system and CRM/ERP software. Most of the modern phone systems offer built-in compatibility with such software. When your phone system is not offering the built-in compatibility and not willing to purchase a whole new setup, you can try switching to the hosting solutions – an affordable solutions packed with latest features.

Wrapping Up

Communication system is nothing less than the respiratory system for the business. Performance of almost every operation and department of the business somehow depends on the strength of its communications. That goes onto to explain only the necessity of the keeping it updated with the latest capabilities. As the communication setup relies significantly on the hardware (networking as well as end-user) and that makes it a costly affair. Therefore, most small businesses shy away frequent renovations.

Apart from the points mentioned in the article, a clear and focused analysis must be given to find the ROI of the phone system changes, futuristic stability, etc. Considering that your business is controlled by a sound mind, analyzing these factors should not be a major challenge. Getting those steps right, you will be able to get the finest results in terms of overall performance, resource utilization, and effectiveness of the complete business structure.

Nishant Kadian is an Electronics and Communications engineer, who enjoys exploring the business communication solutions. With The Real PBX, he writes about the technologies, such as- VoIP, Hosted PBX, Toll Free Numbers, etc. that help the businesses to connect with their customers better and make more profit.

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