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4 simple ways to make Google Chrome run faster

If Google Chrome is slowing you down, here’s 4 easy tricks to make it run faster.

If Google Chrome is slowing you down, here’s 4 easy tricks to make it run faster.

Google Chrome has become one of the hottest browsers thanks to its many features. However, one issue it faces is when the browser slows down in overall performance compared to its competition.

The good news is that the performance level can be speeded up if you use one or more of the following methods.

Purge unnecessary plug-ins

google chrome plugins

This one is a bit tricky because plug-ins help your browser function well on some sites, but not others. Instead of trying to erase all of them which might be problematic, you should instead check out which ones are working for you and which ones are not by typing in chrome://plugins into the browser address and review what you have.

For example, you want to save the plugins that help your browser work, like those that can stop videos from auto-playing and take away the ones that are not needed. Remember that you cannot fully remove them from Google Chrome, but keeping the bad ones from running will help the performance of the browser itself.

Clear the Cache

google chrome cache

This may or may not work in terms of speeding up your browser, but it is relatively easy to do. The cache is designed to load pages and certain elements quickly to make Google Chrome run faster, but it can become overloaded over time and start working against the browser speed.

Start with the Chrome Settings tab and choose Show Advanced Settings and from there Clear Browsing Data. You can choose the cookies, cache files and other data that you want to remove that may have been stored since you first got Google Chrome. The downside is that you may find some sites download more slowly, but that can pick up if you just download the cookies from that particular site.

Reduce the Number of Extensions

google chrome extensions

This is probably a well-known method, but it is worth keeping in mind that many extensions and add-ons may not be visible on the toolbar. While a few extensions will not slow down the browser, having way too many will have an effect. So, get rid of the ones that you no longer need. Just go to More Tools followed by Extensions and you’ll see the list.

You want to uninstall the ones that you are no longer using. You can eliminate the ones that are taking up the most memory and slowing down your Google Chrome by opening up the Chrome Task Manager which is a Shift+Esc on your Windows system.

Use Good Extensions

data saver

First, a recommendation to remove extensions and now adding them back on? While this sound counter-intuitive, keep in mind that some extensions will actually help boost the overall speed and performance of Google Chrome. Some of the extensions include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Data Saver
  • OneTab
  • Tab Suspender
  • The Great Suspender

All of these will reduce the usage of memory and help increase the speed of your Google Chrome. By doing a little maintenance now and then, you can keep up the Google Chrome speed for a better web experience.

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