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4 things you need to be doing with your Amazon Prime account

Prime is for more than just free 2-day shipping.

Look, it’s 2017 and there is almost no reason not to have Amazon Prime at this point. Besides the fact that the free shipping will literally pay for itself, Prime continues to add new features that are available to members. Some are well known, but there are plenty of benefits that maybe you aren’t aware of.

We’ve compiled a quick list of less-known things you can do with your Prime account, check it out below!

Prime Early Access

First of all, did you even know about Amazon’s Lightning Deals page? It’s dope and gives members all sorts of deals, ranging from decent to amazing, on a multitude of products. The catch? Products are only available for a limited time and in limited quantities. On really hot items, you’ll need to be ready to snag them as soon as they become available.

But did you know that with your Amazon Prime account, you get early access to Lightning Deals. While the peasants fight over table scraps, you get to calmly scroll through the deals 30 minutes before they release to the general public. There are exceptions, occasionally, but those are only on ridiculously hyped or discounted items.

Free (e)books!

Sadly, there isn’t an option for free physical copies of books, because that would just be too good, but Prime members do get access to many ebooks for the amazing cost of free, while the non-Prime plebs are forced to pay standard prices for them. This lesser-known feature is called Prime Reading.

There are over 1,000 books available for Prime members to download, including many classic fiction titles, including works like 1984, and also autobiographies and non-fiction titles available for your reading pleasure.

Kindle owners, you also need to be taking advantage of the Kindle First program. This program lets you choose a book between six different books each month called “Editors’ Picks;”and you get to download it for free (non-Prime scrubs have to pay $1.99 if they are using Kindle First).

Same-day, One-day, and 2-hour shipping options

Amazon Warehouse

We all know about Prime’s free, 2-day shipping benefits, but did you know that there is an ever-growing number of products available that are available for even quicker shipping? Because sometimes you don’t want to leave the house and really need that Game of Thrones box set with the quickness.

There are some stipulations, however. For Same and One-day shipping, your order has to be over $35, all items must be available for the shipping option of your choice, you must order before the cut off time (usually around lunch), and be in one of the eligible zip codes.

2-hour shipping is even more finicky, but can be clutch if you’re feenin’ for some laundry detergent to be delivered to your house within the next two hours. 2-hour shipping is only available for a small number of items, mainly those for the household, and is currently only available in 30 or so cities.

Prime Day

Started back in 2015 to lackluster reviews, Prime Day is basically an exclusive Black Friday-style deals day for Prime members. Prime Day in 2016 was better, but still not what members expected as far as deals were concerned.

While the past events may have been a bit bland, it can be assumed that Amazon is learning from the botched events, and will continue to make them better. There has been no official announcement for when the event will take place this year, but expect it to follow along with last year’s event and pop up sometime in July.

If you do any online buying, you probably end up on Amazon more times than not, so for that reason alone Prime is worth the fee. But just because you’re getting your money’s worth with free shipping, don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of many of the other features Prime has to offer. The ones listed above are four great examples, but also make sure to look into Prime Video for some great original shows and movies and Twitch Prime, intended for gamers.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and are looking to try it out, Amazon will give you 30-day free trial to try the service out. That’s not a bad deal. Give it a go and see if it’s right for you. If worse comes to worse, you can always get your money back.

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