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4 ways to increase chances of winning an esports bet

You should familiarize yourself with the game, use stat sites, and treat bets like investments to increase your chances of winning in esports gambling.

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Entering the world of esports can mean two things: having fun and winning money. But, you can still have fun while earning money. After all, it’s not going to be an exciting time if you keep losing your hard-earned cash. So, here are four ways to help increase your chances of winning in e-sports betting. 

Play The Game

Betting in esports is going to be more challenging than average if you don’t play the games. Gambling in a particular e-sports title means you need to be familiar with the different gaming systems. 

For example, you’ll find it tough to know which League of Legends team has a higher chance of winning if you don’t know the players’ juking strategies. Consequently, it’s going to be difficult to bet on an Overwatch player if you’re not familiar with the characters’ skills, especially their ultimates (or ults). 

Understanding each game’s ins and outs will give you a better chance of knowing which player or team to place your wager. Don’t just watch Let’s Play videos online or stream gamer content on sites, like Twitch. Consider playing the game to understand more than the essential content. 

Keep up with new game developments, learn strategies, and improve your overall in-game intelligence. Being an active member of the gaming community can help you make a better gamer, and, perhaps, an even better e-sports gambler.

Use Stats Sites

Now that you played and learned your chosen esports games, it’s time to check the different player or team stats. 

You can use betting apps that can provide inside information about various players and teams in different games. Conversely, you can check the various database sites online. 

For instance, you want to know how a specific Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) team has been playing as of late. At this point, you can use the following steps to understand the data provided:

  • Head to the CS: GO section of a database app or site
  • Select the team
  • Look at their win-loss records
  • Compare win-loss ratios between specific opponents

Here, you should see if your favorite team has an excellent or reduced chance of winning a match against a specific opponent. So, if your chosen team matches with that particular adversary, you’ll know if you should proceed or back out of a bet. 

Aside from win-loss ratios, consider searching for the following pieces of information from various games:

  • Kill/Death (K/D) ratio
  • Communication among team members
  • Individual player personalities
  • Winning or losing streaks

Treat Bets Like Investments

One mistake many beginner and veteran e-sports gamblers make is treating bets like small expenditures. E-sports betting tends to share some core similarities with stock trading, as both activities require individuals to invest in specific options. 

Treating your wagers as investments lead you to make careful decisions instead of betting nonchalantly. Thus, proper research is vital to the success of winning in an esports bet. 

Investing in e-sports betting may also mean:

  • Creating small deposits over time as the winnings increase
  • Placing bets in different multiples, depending on the chosen gambling strategy
  • Sticking to one bet per game and per bookmaker
  • Staying away maximum betting limits
  • Throwing some bets to underdogs that do well

Rigorous examination of different player and team statistics will help ensure that your investment grows over time. 

Use Handicap Betting

Handicap betting means wagering on a specific team or player against opponents, but the bet has a handicap. For example, you could bet on player A to win on a best-of-five Fortnite match against player B. Moreover, you want to improve your return on investment (ROI) by adding a defeat for player A. The bet will look like a 3-1 or 3-2 win to lose ratio to pay off the wager. 

But, the bets can depend on the game. For instance, multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs), like Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2) and League of Legends, allow you to bet under or over the total number of rounds for a specific team to win. 

You may also incorporate in-play betting, wherein you can change your wager during a game. But, you have to be quick about your decisions, as the markets can freeze at any point during a match. 


In summary, you should familiarize yourself with the game, use stat sites, and treat bets like investments to increase your chances of winning in esports gambling. Remember that proper research is essential to help improve your ROI. Bet with your mind and not with your heart, and you should be on your way to numerous victories. 

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