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4K Sports Camera for under $250? No way!

You’ll totally forget all about GoPro when you get your hands on this Xiaomi Yi 2 4K sports cam.


Gearbest returns with another killer presale. From now until June 30th, you can pick up the Xiaomi Yi 2 International 4K Sports Camera for $216 if you use coupon GBXiaoyi2 at checkout.

Let’s be honest – GoPro might be the well known standard when it comes to action cameras, but they’re extremely overpriced considering what you get for the money. The Hero 4 can do 4K, but it’s $500. At this price point, you can literally buy two Xiaomi cameras, record in 4K from two different angles, or you can keep the extra one as a backup in case something happens to one of them and still come out ahead. It’s an extreme athlete’s dream sale!

It doesn’t come with the waterproof case by default, but you can get one from Gearbest for like $15 which makes the coupon grant you a free waterproof case and saves you a few bucks. You can’t go wrong.

Head on over to Gearbest and pick one up today!



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