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5 action camera tips and tricks for beginners

By using these tips on your next action-adventure, you’ll be able to step out of the shoes of a beginner photographer.

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Are you constantly trying to capture the ultimate action picture only to be disappointed in your results? Are you left with blurry images that either missed out on the action all together, or just don’t portray it in an accurate manner? It could just be that you need a few simple tips that will elevate your abilities and help you churn out incredible results.

So, let’s take a look at all the best tips and tricks for beginners trying to capture the ultimate action picture with their camera.

Start with the Right Kind of Camera

The first tip is easily the most important one of all and could be holding you back from getting those perfect shots. Without the right camera that is built for action photos, it just won’t be possible to get those sharp professional-looking results. Some cameras are just standard in that they can capture everyday moments, but those action shots likely won’t turn out properly.

So what’s the solution? Research. It’s that simple. You can narrow down the list to say the top 6 best action cameras so you aren’t overwhelmed with the options, and then start to compare the features, specifications, and cost. Each person will have their own list of priorities, so it’s important you also figure out what yours will be.

Practice at Home First

The next tip is to get in plenty of practice time at home. The last thing you want to do is wait until that big playoff game to take your camera for its first test-run, not fully understanding how to use it and how to use its many features. Practicing at home gives you a chance to get to know the camera in a non-stressful manner, meaning you aren’t trying to watch the action at the same time and ensure you capture the shot.

Invest in Accessories and Mounting Equipment

When it comes to action shots, accessories and mounting equipment can also have a huge impact on your photos. Accessories can help you with zooming in on shots, holding a camera steady or out-reached, and altering the filter of the shot.  You can even purchase a hands-free mount that can be attached to a helmet for example. These types of accessories are meant to give people the creative freedom to capture shots they may not have otherwise been able to get.

Ensure the Lens is Always Clean

One thing that can commonly happen during action photos is that your camera lens can get dirty. This is a surefire way to ruin all the pictures from that point forward. Always be sure to carry a soft, lint-free cleaning cloth with you so you can wipe off the lens whenever it gets dirty. This includes raindrops, mud, dirt, debris, condensation, fingerprints, and anything else that might obstruct the view.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow with the Angles

Sometimes people get trapped in the same old stance for taking a photo. While this may be perfectly fine for the majority of shots, if you truly want to get the perfect action picture then it’s likely you will need to try various angles. This can mean getting down on the ground, shooting from above, at an angle, upwards, and anything else that gets you the perfect shot. 

It will take some practice and visualization on your part, but over time you’ll get better at determining which angle will work best.

By using these tips on your next action adventure, you’ll be able to step out of the shoes of a beginner photographer and into those of a more experienced and knowledgeable one that can take amazing pictures.

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