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5 artificial intelligence apps for your smartphone

Here are five smartphone apps that use AI in unique or innovative ways that are worth checking out as examples of what is possible today

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a very hot topic today and a revolution that is changing the way we interact with technology. It’s allowing us to effectively communicate with voice assistants and for them to understand our speech better over time. It’s also letting us search for web content on Google more efficiently and do many different things that were a pipedream just a couple of years ago. 

Software development companies should tap into these AI algorithms with their own products and services. Alternatively, they should consider hiring software development outsourcing companies to take advantage of recent advances and implement these algorithms into existing software. The field will only grow and become more competitive over time, so now is a perfect time to start developing ideas using AI technology. 

A good place to start is a smartphone or a mobile device. Phones are today little powerful computers that can gather data all day long. Mobile apps are a perfect entry point for AI and machine learning algorithms.  In fact, that’s already happening!

Here are five smartphone apps that use AI in unique or innovative ways that are worth checking out as examples of what is possible today:

Suki AI

Suki AI, previously called AI Robin, is showing how apps are using AI to benefit physicians and the medical field as a whole. It’s a digital assistant powered by voice technology that allows doctors to speed up the time it takes to create medical notes. They can do this by voice rather than the traditional pen-and-paper method. 

Suki AI uses an AI algorithm to learn from medical practitioners speaking to it to provide better assistance. Medical practitioners do not necessarily have to be doctors to make use of Suki, as the app is also useful for nurse practitioners and various health professionals with access to patient medical information. 

Some examples of its usefulness is a physician asking questions like,” Suki what is my schedule today?” or,” Suki, create a follow-up note to patient Mark” and have the AI take over. 



Reddit is a popular social media and community of users who engage in discussions and content exchange on the platform. There are various subreddits or communities available allowing users to discuss and share multimedia related to gaming, movies, celebrities or niche topics like software development using a particular framework. Sometimes, game developers or big names in their field have question-and-answer sessions on the platform as well.

The way Reddit uses AI is to improve search performance for users browsing its communities. Another way to phrase this is ”content discovery.” It means it can predict the type of content someone may look for through various searches, their subreddit subscriptions, and their history with the platform.


Security, as well as the biometrics field, are also reaping the benefits of AI algorithms. An example of this is an Android app called BioID. It uses biometrics, particularly face recognition, to identify users logging into apps or making transactions from their handsets without the need for passwords.

You may also be familiar with Apple’s use of facial recognition to allow users to access the latest iOS devices. However, that is more tied to Apple hardware than apps. BioID is a good example of an app doing it through software on Android devices


prisma app

Photo editing is huge on mobile. It is great being able to both take photos and edit them later from a single app. There are various options available that can truly make photos stand out and allow users to classify as well as easily find specific photos with the use of AI features like facial recognition. 

Prisma AI is an example of a photo-editing app that truly makes use of AI algorithms for various features. It adds filters and fixes already existing photos. An example is its teeth whitening ability that fixes the way peoples’ teeth shine on captured photos. Another feature uses photos to add interesting backgrounds and filters to them to make them look like paintings. 

The company behind the app, Prisma Labs, even has another app available that is called Sticky AI, which also uses AI. It turns photos into stickers that can be used across social media and messaging services. 


uber driver

Uber is a ride-sharing app and company that has grown worldwide in the last few years into a phenomenon that’s replacing the taxi for many. It allows users to travel using their smartphones by choosing a destination and being picked up at the location of their choice. 

What also makes Uber interesting is its use of AI algorithms. It uses an aspect of AI called machine learning to estimate the arrival time for rides through various traffic and weather conditions. The user receives this feedback live on the app as they wait for their ride to arrive.


AI has a lot of potential in both mobile and desktop software as a whole. The basic gist of AI is that it allows the software to recognize patterns within sets of data and pick out user habits from their interactions. 

It uses data to offer suggestions, adjust its own behavior and even take action all by itself. A good example of this is when you drive your car somewhere and the application is able to predict where you will be going at what time in the day, such as to work in the morning and give you predicted traffic conditions ahead of time.

It can also offer you suggestions about places you might like based on the ones you frequent regularly. You can see all this at work when looking at the Google browser and seeing suggested sites and ads pop up within the browser’s search. 

AI technology will continue to improve and be used across sectors, from the smart home to the internet of things (IoT) devices on a large scale. The next few years will be very interesting in this regard and mobile apps are just the beginning.

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