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5 awesome photo editing tools

Let’s take a look at the top 5 photo editing tools that you can use right now. 

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Whatever niche or industry you are engaged in, having an attractive and well-designed image has a significant impact on the business as a whole. This is because of how pictures can deliver a message and influence the viewers. Although images as been widely used in printed advertisements prior to the birth of the internet, its usage has dramatically increased, especially for online use.

Everything on the web needs beautifully designed images with a clear message. This way, it is easier to convert viewers into clients and to deliver important information on social media and websites. That said, photo editing plays a crucial role in developing pictures for the web. Good thing that there are available photo editing tools that can now be used for creating images, either online or offline.

You don’t have to worry if you are not tech-savvy because these tools are very user-friendly. And yes, you can definitely find tutorials on how to use them too! Let’s take a look at the top 5 photo editing tools that you can use right now.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

adobe photoshop on ipad
Image: Adobe

This is dubbed as the ultimate photo editing software which allows you to perform different tasks. This is the number one tool for photo editors, which can be used in various design tasks. Artists use this to make brochures, posters, business cards, billboard graphics, and others. Yes, this software is capable of designing both small scale and bigger outputs. It is also used for digital painting and character creation. However, it doesn’t come cheap.

Grafix Softech

With a wide range of photo editing tools, you will definitely love this photo editing software. You can come up with images for digital advertisements, social media, and more. Grafix Softech isn’t merely for basic edits like cropping and resizing photos. You can do use tools similar to Photoshop like clone stamp, dodge, magic wand, magnetic lasso, and more. So, if you want a tool that mimics how Photoshop works, this is the answer. You can also draw or doodle on your images through the drawing tool. But you don’t have to worry since this is easier to use compared to Photoshop since it is user-friendly. You need to download this software so you can use it.


This free photo editing tool is no doubt the favorite of social media managers and influencers because it provides easy to use templates for all social media platforms. But of course, Canva offers more than that. You can also create other graphics, newsletters, brochures, and more. To access more advanced features, you can also try the paid version of this browser-based photo editor. You can also download the app on your mobile for both Android and iOS users.


Initially, PicMonkey was designed to create photo collage featuring different frames, borders, and other design elements. However, it has improved through time and has included impressive filters, stickers, and other photo editing features. With that, users can now make templates and designs for all their graphic design needs. Like Canva, this is also a browser-based photo editor that offers a premium version so you can access its more advanced features. You can also design on-the-go with the PicMonkey mobile app.



Many regard this as a sophisticated photo editor where you can retouch, edit, and draw. Apart from photo editing and retouching, it can also be used for free-form drawing and image conversion from one format to another. Designers can also make icons, logos, and other graphics using this tool. You can even paint using the parametric brushes. To use it, you have to download it onto your computer.

With all these photo editing tools, it is indeed easier to create images even without professional training. Most of them have a user-friendly interface that allows you to manipulate photos, add texts, and create whatever projects you need both for personal and commercial use.

It’s also very convenient that you can use some of these tools on mobile, which means you can simply edit wherever you are and upload on wherever you want. See to it that you check all the features of each software to make sure that it can give you the output you wish to before you acquire it. Which of the above photo editing tool do you like the most? Have you tried using any of them?

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