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5 benefits of mesh networks

Mesh networks are highly reliable and convenient with plenty of perks.

mesh network

It’s not just your imagination. Stress levels spike even with minor Internet delays. According to a study by Ericcson, delays in loading web pages and videos can cause heart rates to rise an average of 38 percent. Fortunately, the solution to combat Internet lag stress may lie in a simple mesh network. But what is a mesh network anyway?

Instead of relying on a central router to distribute a WiFi signal throughout your home or business, a mesh network relies on various hubs to act as satellites for your signal. Mesh networks aren’t for everyone but could improve your overall connectivity and change the way you live, work and play.

Thinking about making the switch? Here are some of the benefits of switching to a mesh network:

Get Faster Service for Awkward Layouts

A mesh network helps keep your wireless signal going strong so you’re rarely dealing with service dips. Homeowners and businesses with awkward or over-sized layouts are likely struggling with dropped signals. Instead of just dealing with it as a part of Internet usage, a mesh network can create hubs throughout your space to ensure consistent coverage no matter your layout.

Reduce Downtime

A mesh network is a no-brainer if you rely on the Internet to stream videos, upload large files or run webinars and online conferences. Traditional WiFi relies on a single router or wireless extenders to keep your signal up and running when you need it most. Meanwhile, a mesh network dramatically reduces your downtime and keeps your productivity high.

Improve the IoT

Does your home or business rely on the Internet of Things and smart technology? You’ve probably noticed that traditional routers and wireless connections can cause dips in your IoT that impacts the functionality of everything from your Echo to your smart fridge. Instead of grappling with frustrating dips and slow service, a mesh network can keep your space running smoothly. After all, no one wants to ask Alexa to find important contact only to be met with silence.

Eliminate Bulky Routers and Wires

Considering how long wireless technology and routers have been around, it’s surprising that they’re still so ugly. More often than not, routers are bulky contraptions that require a tangle of wires. And if you do use more than one router in your space, you’re repeating the set-up process with mixed results.

That extra clunky router may help serve a specific room, but won’t necessarily reach those awkward spaces out of reach. However, a mesh network features sleek and sophisticated hubs and few wires to keep you quietly connected without creating an eyesore.

Expand and Adapt

You walk into your office, sip on your morning coffee and realize a giant crane and construction project next door has suddenly morphed. It’s no wonder your wireless service has suddenly taken a hit. Whereas routers and wireless are often at the mercy of their environment, mesh networks can expand and adapt. Add another mesh satellite to the areas you need most, and take one away when your environment changes. No emergency tech calls necessary.

Mesh networks are highly reliable and convenient with plenty of perks. Pick and choose the areas you need a strong, consistent signal the most and expand your mesh network on the fly.

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