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5 best practices of casino software penetration testing


According to Wikipedia global gabling market is worth as much as $45.86 billion. That’s a lot of money – more than entire economies of several countries. Countless digital casinos rely heavily on their sites, mainframes and back-ends.

To make the long story short – poker software developed by guys at is really high in demand. Unfortunately security is often overlooked in the realm of digital entertainment. As a result both gamblers and businesses suffer from hacked accounts or stolen credit card details. That’s why the really cool kids from the development sandbox employ actual hackers.

Is White Hat Hacking even a thing?


Hacking is usually associated with nasty, greasy geeks who sit behind their laptops without seeing daylight and shut down governmental operation or spy on Hillary. And, while this stereotype can be true to some extent, there are still those who use their skills for greater good.

A lot of software development companies tend to employ White Hat Hackers or Penetration Testers in more professional terms. These are QA engineers with impressive hacking skills who break sites and apps only to display and later fix vulnerabilities in the system.

What are the best ways of casino software penetration?

The following tips are elements of best practices used by quality assurance engineers and casino software developers that help in measurement and evaluation of security levels:

  • Comprehensive network assessment. This level of QA is rather basic, yet important nonetheless. An online casino’s internal network as well as operations between custom software and solutions from third parties usually leaves a lot of potential breaches. This requires the internal-to-external set of test cases. More importantly, will phishing tactics, after succeeding with but one target break the entire system?
  • PCI DSS is also an essential step of penetration testing as this activity is aimed at ensuring credit card security details.
  • Possible entry points should be re-checked. The best ways are to test authentication, identity and access limitations. The best tools for you here would be: brute force (DDoS) attacks, parameter tempering and key chain abuse.
  • Encryption is an essential element of any online casino interface, especially when it comes to money transfers. SQL injections are the best way to scout for vulnerabilities.
  • Malicious input, if paired with fuzzing can detect breaches in input validation mechanics.
  • A smart developer will always pay extra attention to error messages as they often lead to inner interfaces of the system.

There are, of course, countless other ways a professional hacker can break into the system of an online casino. Luckily for us smart developers already have hackers in their team. And remember kids – real hackers only wear white hats!

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