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5 best sports bettings apps for Android and iOS

Sports betting apps open the world of sports betting for a lot of punters—not just the novice.

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The advent of smartphones ushered a new era for sports gambling. Sports bettings apps are the epitome of convenience right in the palm of any punters’ hand. 

Whether you’re a novice, seasoned, or a professional, getting in touch with online bookmakers is now made easier. It literally only takes a few taps on your mobile phone, from downloading any of the betting apps available online to placing your wagers.

However, not every sports gambling apps you see online is good—let alone worth your time. Luckily, we already narrowed down the extensive selection and distilled it to give you a list of the best sports betting apps right now:


Available on: Android and iOS

888Ssport is a fairly new app and not as well known in comparison to some of the apps that will be mentioned in our list. Even so, being the rookie on the block, developers of this sports betting app, and its desktop site, have created one of the best betting experiences that rivals the established bookmakers.

In terms of ease of use, they are one of the best. The search function is intuitive, making it easier for punters to go shopping for specific odds. On top of this, they also have live sporting events feature, a vital aspect for any punter.

As for customer service, they are available 24/7. Not only can you place your wagers whenever, wherever you want, you also have time-flexible support in case you need it. 


Available on: Android and iOS

Bet365 is one of the biggest and most popular betting operators in the U.K. and across the globe. Aside from their behemoth website, their dedicated sports betting app is a juggernaut in its right as well—not only for the reputation that precedes Bet365 but also because of the app features.

With regards to the app’s ease of use and navigation, it has it all in spades. It’s one of the most intuitive betting apps with 140,000 live streaming sports events available every year, all from the palm of your hand. 

As for real money betting, they are also considered as one of the best. No surprise there, they are the peak when it comes to bookmaking. But it didn’t stop there, from their behemoth website they were also able to put other hallmarks that made Bet365 a known brand, including its customer service.


Available on: Android and iOS

DraftKings is a powerhouse app. Starting out as a leader in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) games, it further expanded to become a sports betting app as well. 

In terms of the app’s ease of use, it’s easier to navigate and has a responsive interface that rivals its more established counterpart—DraftKings’ desktop site.

With regards to its security, it’s considered as top-notch with an automatic feature that logs out bettors when they are inactive for a certain length of time. One of the notable feature to also keep in mind is its precise geolocation technology, a feat commendable on itself.


Available on: Android and iOS

Along in our list of the best sports betting apps, is a close rival of DraftKings—FanDuel. Sharing the same origins, it also started as global leaders of the DFS market before it expanded into an online sportsbook. 

It’s essentially a one-stop-shop sportsbook, everything can be accessed via it’s dedicated mobile application. A feature that isn’t overlooked by industry experts. In fact, it’s considered a favourite among the seasoned players as well.

With regards to first-time users, FanDuel offers bonuses such as risk-free bets of up to 500 USD upon the punter’s initial deposit—a premium offer when compared to other betting apps.

William Hill

Available on: Android and iOS

There are plenty of self-declared sports betting apps, but only a  few actually live up to that statement. William Hill is one of those online sportsbooks that consistently deliver as they have proclaimed.

It’s one of the popular and respected bookmakers that has its roots from the U.K., including an extensive and prestigious history of betting shops throughout its home country.

Being one of the oldest bookmakers, William Hill is still able to keep in stride with the latest betting app brands. In fact, even with the old-fashioned perception, they are able to adapt and conquer even in this day and age.

With regards to the app, it’s an equivalent to its desktop website in every sense, including its hallmark conservative aesthetic. This actually helps punter navigate through the app even with the monster amount of content available.

Aside from these, one of the plethoras of their features is the Bet Boost. It allows punters to shop for better odd and compile it on accumulators, enabling them to create their own bets. 

That said, we’re also sharing with you our checklist to narrow down the long list of betting apps to find the gems. Always keep these hallmarks in mind:

  • Does the app have a wide selection?

Having an extensive list of sports gambling is a must-have on any dedicated sports betting app. Whether you’re more into electronic sports or mainstream sports such as soccer, American football, basketball, it’s a commendable feature to take note of. 

That being said, if you’re resolute on sticking to mainstream sports or a particular sport, then you can just opt to choose sports betting apps that are dedicated to a selection of sports only.

  • Do you find the betting app easy to navigate and use?

One of the key aspects of all sports betting apps is to make it easier for punters, of any age, to place their wagers in just a few taps on their mobile phone. Carefully consider how you navigate a betting app. You can also opt to check out the video walkthroughs of the apps on YouTube.

  • Does it have the banking options that you normally go for?

Included in the ease of use aspect of a betting app is its banking options. Are the cash-in and cash-out options available include credits card and PayPal, to name a few. Also, consider how easy is it to cash out the payouts you won versus how easy it is to add funds to your online bankroll.

  • Do you feel secure using the app?

You’re gambling with your hard-earned money. It’s imperative to ensure that the app you use is secure and safe. Usually, popular sports betting apps take multiple safety precautions to safeguard themselves from malicious hackers. Even so, as a rule of thumb, opt for bettings apps that are regulated in your country and avoid unregulated offshore sportsbooks. 

  • Are the odds in your favor?

Sadly, not every sportsbook online offers good odds. Shopping for the best odds via apps is similar to doing it via websites. In fact, even the seasoned and best punters have multiple betting apps when they shop for odds. That said, usually, the best betting websites also have a dedicated betting app, so you can stick to those.

  • Does the app eat up too much space?

Like most apps on your phone, betting apps also take up storage space. Some consume a considerable space than some of the other apps. Be mindful of the size of the app and the availability of your mobile phone’s storage space, especially if you’re going to opt for downloading multiple betting apps.

  • Does it have a signup bonus?

Who doesn’t love a good bonus offer? It’s one of the best perks to carefully weigh before you sign up to any sports betting app. Usually, the most popular online sportsbooks offer the best sign-up bonuses and other rewards that entice first-time users.

Sports betting apps open the world of sports betting for a lot of punters—not just the novice. The existence of such apps not only heralds a new level of convenience for bettors but also a peer into the things that can be done on the smartphone even if some of these apps are still in their infancy. 

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