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5 common problems the right video conferencing solution tool can fix

Have you implemented a video conferencing solution to your business? If you haven’t, here’s 5 things it could help with.

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Businesses run on meetings. With the breadth of choices these days in communication devices, channels and platforms, teams no longer need to tromp to conference rooms or stand in a huddle for a much-needed discussion. Video conferencing has resolved those issues. Here are a few more problems companies have and how the right video conferencing tool can help your team solve them:

Sick Coworkers

We’ve seen it before: sick coworkers coming into work and spreading germs and microbes everywhere. If that’s you, though, and you see your coworkers spraying a generous amount of Lysol every time you pass by, there’s a better way to get work done. If you’re hacking up a lung but have a meeting you can’t miss, you can log into that meeting from home instead. With a video conferencing tool, you won’t have to bring down the entire team with a cold.

Present vs Productive

Clocking into the office every day isn’t a guarantee of high productivity. If you’re going to and coming from work every day after a few hours of grueling commute, that takes a toll on your energies and has a negative effect on your performance. With video calls, though, you can work from home and easily sidestep all those hassles. Inc. says one of the things the company JetBlue did that made it a success was to build a ROWE (results only working environment). This meant employees could basically work from anywhere, at any time they chose, provided they got the work done and done right. Some employees took pay cuts just to transfer to JetBlue, willing and happy to work in a flexible environment that allowed them to call the shots as to when and where they would work. This allowed employees to be more productive at their jobs. By using video meetings, employees could stay productive instead even when they weren’t chained to their desks from 8 am to 5 pm.

Little To No Employee Engagement

There’s nothing that makes employees feel like outcasts and outsiders than finding out about updates or information at a much later date than everybody else. If you want to make the members of your IT crew feel engaged, they must have access to information vital to the company and their work the same time as everyone else, says The Balance. That’s where a reliable video meeting solution for IT from BlueJeans comes in handy. With video calls, it’s easy to reach out to your team or update them with news and announcements regarding the company—it’s vision, current condition, and future direction, all at the same time. With the right tool, making company-wide announcements to make sure you’re all on the same page is easy and convenient to pull off.

Zero Balance  

Employees want more balance in their personal and professional lives. Flexible work arrangements at work allow them to strike a good one between the two. An excellent video conferencing product makes it possible for employees to stay connected to their teams, even when they’re working from home. Once the work day is done, they won’t have to suffer through grueling commutes. They could log off and be home to prepare dinner, spend an hour or two on reading a bedtime story and tuck their kids into bed. It’s a whole sight better than young parents who find themselves in a mad rush to come to work every morning and have no choice but to come home late at night after overtime hours, with their kids already fast asleep. Work from home setups with video technology has given parents a new lease on life, replacing travel time with hours that could readily be spent with their family. If your company has several parents on board raising their families, video calls make it easy for them to strike the perfect balance between their personal and professional lives.

Geographical Barriers

It’s tough to hold a meeting when many key members of your team are all over the world. These days, many companies find themselves working with remote teams. The distance and different time zones make for a definite challenge when you need to coordinate projects. Emails and chats, while helpful, aren’t ideal. Video calls, though, make it easy for remote and onsite teams to discuss project revisions and updates. Need to review the output together? Cloud-based video solutions allow participants to control the camera and share content, so these discussions are simple and easy. Instead of replying to a long email—which could get confusing pretty fast—you could easily schedule a video call and sort things out face to face, on video.

Helpful Reminder

Video conferencing can make short work of these common problems. Don’t wait around until you see any of these get in the way of your team’s performance. Start looking for the right video conferencing system early on so it would be ready when you need it.

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