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5 Free Android games you should be playing in June

Super Mario Run
Image: Engadget

The Google Play Store is saturated with thousands of games to play. How would you know which one to pick of the thousands of ready to download applications? This list will guide you to find the best, free android games you should be playing this June.

PUBG Mobile

The first-person shooter battle royale game that took the PC gaming world by storm now goes mobile! PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile (PUBG Mobile) has the same gameplay as its PC counterpart where you have to be the last man standing out of the 99 other players stuck in a single island. Play alone or team up with your friends and claim the first place then loot, run, and kill your way to victory. Will you go head on and kill other survivors openly or play safe until there are only a dozen other survivors left? IGN gave this mobile port a score of 8.7/10, a feat for mobile games.

Super Mario Run

Get your Nintendo fix on your Android device with Super Mario Run. Unlike usual Mario games, Super Mario Run is an automatic runner where you perform jumps, spins, and other tricks with a flick of your finger. Collect coins, defeat baddies, break records, and save Princess Peach. While the game is set in a highly familiar environment, the gameplay is a definite first for the Mario franchise. The bright and colorful visuals and entertaining gameplay will keep you playing this game for hours.


Take casino on the game with Slotomania. There are various slot games on the play store but Slotomania stands out thanks to its colorful visuals and user-friendly interface. It has the basics of slot machines while also offering great rewards for first-time players! Slotomania is completely free and involves no real currency which is a huge plus for some who are just in it for the fun. However, there are other substitutes for Slotomania that use real money, allowing you to gamble and earn (or lose) real currency right from your couch!

Fallout Shelter

A spinoff game from the popular video game series Fallout, Fallout Shelter sets itself apart from other installments in the series as it is a simulation game exclusive to mobile devices such as your Android phone. Build your very own underground shelter, increase your shelter’s population, send your inhabitants off to missions for money and better gear; it’s Fallout minus all the on-screen action. It’s not just that though, you’ll have to combat yourselves from the various creatures trying to get your inhabitants! Keep your inhabitants happy and full and they’ll fight staple Fallout creatures off your base.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 takes your favorite DC heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman and puts them all in a single fighting game where you beat up villains or other players in a 3-on-3 setup. Building upon the first Injustice game, players can collect their favorite DC heroes, train them, and form their dream team to clear all missions and go head to head with another player’s team. The already fleshed out story mode is constantly being updated by the developers so you’ll have lots to catch up on if you haven’t downloaded this game already.


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