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5 great app choices to upgrade your Mac in 2020

While MacBooks are great, they can be even greater.

The past decade saw Apple rise to the top of the laptop game, cornering the market with its widely-loved MacBook. Since then, the MacBook has come in many forms, from the lightweight MacBook Air to the workstation MacBook Pro.

And while I will always recommend MacBooks, they can be improved. Fortunately, there are a multitude of improvements that can be made through third-party apps. Why don’t we go ahead and discuss a few?

5 Tips To Enhance Your Mac

Encrypt Your Online Activity

I rarely think about the plethora of dangers when surfing the Internet. Most of us don’t! We go to the websites we need to go to, log into the accounts we need, and go about our days. We rarely click on suspicious ads or visit sites that present a danger to us. But some do. Plus, there’s always the risk of accidentally finding yourself at the hands of cybercriminals.

One problem we don’t think about is encryption. When surfing the Internet, our data remains unencrypted, meaning any cybercriminal can view our online activity, leading to the possibility of our data being stolen.

A VPN can help you encrypt your data and prevent hackers and your ISP from spying on your information. This is why I recommend using one whenever possible.

Remember, a decent Mac VPN can be the difference between secure browsing and a cyberattack. In order to adequately protect your privacy and security while using the net online, you should consider getting your internet activity encrypted by using a VPN.

Keep All Your Passwords Organized (LastPass)

Managing dozens of passwords becomes an exhausting practice, especially for those of us that manage a lot of accounts. Remembering each and every password, writing them all down, keeping track? It gets tedious.

So tedious, in fact, that many people decide to use the same password for multiple accounts, a practice that can lead to cyber criminals hacking all of their accounts after figuring out one password.

To avoid the tedium of keeping track of multiple passwords and the danger of using the same password, use a password manager (such as LastPass). Password managers allow you to safely store all of your passwords in an encrypted locker, giving you easy access to each login you have.

Turn Your Keyboard Into a Productivity Tool (Alfred 4)

Most know MacBooks as productivity tools, but there are a few roadblocks to ultimate productivity. For one, Apple isn’t known to have the best keyboard shortcuts. These issues lead to a loss of productivity—something people use Macs for.

But with tools like Alfred 4, you can turn your MacBook into the ultimate productivity tool. Alfred 4 lets you program custom actions for your keyboard and Mac, allowing you to create new shortcuts, hotkeys, and keywords.

Clean Up Your Mac (AppCleaner)

It might be summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in some late Spring cleaning! Overtime, as you use your Mac, it’ll begin slowing down due to the amount of data holding it down. This leads to slowdowns, longer loading times, and maybe even some crashes.

Use apps such as AppCleaner to clean up your Mac. AppCleaner can delete programs you haven’t used in a while, get rid of extra files that serve to do nothing but bloat up your drive, and more. An essential piece of software, in my opinion! 

Make Social Media Easy (TweetDeck)

Engaging in social media is key to growing an audience, especially if you’re a freelancer or an owner of a company. But if you happen to manage multiple accounts or have the need to post multiple times a day, using social media can become exhausting, tiring. 

This is where TweetDeck comes in. TweetDeck allows you to view multiple timelines at once, schedule posts, and do a bunch of other things related to Twitter.

Any Mac user with their hand on social media should take advantage of TweetDeck. Owned by Twitter itself, there’s no reason not to use TweetDeck.

While MacBooks are great, they can be even greater. It’s important for you to take some time to install apps and read into how you can improve your Mac experience. From tightening up cybersecurity practices with reputable encryption software to cleaning up your own devices to increasing productivity, there’s no shortage of helpful third-party apps to help you become more effective at using your MacBook.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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