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5 key benefits of a VoIP phone system for small businesses

In this article, you will learn 5 of the many benefits a VoIP phone system has to offer and begin to understand why so many small businesses are using VoIP technology nowadays.

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Back in the days, implementing telecommunication services for small businesses was a daunting task. It required owners and managers to speak with consultants who would potentially call back to configure a custom system.

Quite a lot has changed over the decades, but there are still some choices you need to make when looking at the finest services for business. If you want to go beyond the traditional services, we suggest VoIP solutions. 

How do VoIP systems work? 

VoIP stands for voice-over-internet-protocol or simply put- phone services over the Internet. With a quality Internet connection, you can make your calls via an Internet connection instead of through the local phone company. Small businesses can benefit from using VoIP services because they provide several great advantages. Here are just a few of them! 

  • Free Internet Calls 

The fact that you make calls directly through your Internet connection means you do not need to spend extra money on telecommunication services. With an unlimited, high-quality Internet connection, you have 24/7 access to the Internet and can make phone calls from any mobile device, computer, laptop, or phone in your facility. Chat and video conferencing are also an option. Just imagine how many new opportunities will open for you! 

  • No Contracts Needed

Most local operators offer their services without asking you to commit to a contract, so you can switch from one business to another until you find the right one. VoIP Studio is one of these companies. Small business owners can avail from certain deals without having to sign any documents. We will come to supply the necessary devices, sign you up, and you can start using your new VoIP service right away. If you’re not happy for any reason, you can quit at any time. We give you the freedom to cancel your subscription without any penalties or fees. 

  • Advanced Features 

VoIP is a form of technology that enables us to use the Internet to make calls. Unlike traditional phone services, you do not have to invest in expensive hardware. This is especially beneficial for the small business owner. You want to use your money to grow your business, not to buy items that you might not need. The best thing about VoIP is that you can start using the service with the devices you already have. You can use your own mobile devices, personal VoIP phone, laptops, PCs, and tablets. The system has software that guides you through the steps and explains how it works. A web dashboard of a new caliber is also included. It allows you to configure all the features yourself without the help of an IT specialist.

  • CRM Integration 

CRM platforms are a tool that the small business can use to keep track of their interactions with potential and current customers. Some of the perks that a VoIP system has to offer can help to improve your Customer Relationship Management – CRM. Through your web portal, you can easily track all the actions of your employees, create multiple contacts for easy department management, add new users to better track client follow-up, manage queued calls, listen to recordings to make sure your clients are getting the quality they deserve, and track spending so you always stay within budget, and much more.

  • Reasonable Rates 

The plans offered by VoIP service providers are usually structured to fit the needs of various kinds of businesses. For the small business owner, this is very important as you’re not stuck to the same package at all times. You can switch between different deals to see which one best fits your needs. And the best part, there will be no hidden fees! You will get a price list right before you get the service, and most companies have free trials and discounted prices for certain periods during the year. Just another great reason to try the VoIP service.

As you can see from the information in this article, there are many reasons to invest in a VoIP phone system if you are a small business owner. Making your calls through your Internet connection will lower your costs and result in increased functionality. Simply put, you will have the chance to benefit from the services a call center has to offer without the need to pay for such a service. You will get all your calls routed to your own phone, wherever you are!  

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