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5 most common iPhone problems and their solutions

iPhones are impeccable devices, but they are not without their shortcomings. Here are the most common iPhone problems and how to fix them.

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On average, a smartphone user spends 3 hours 15 minutes a day on their phone. Whether for entertainment, productivity, or communication, our phones are deeply important to many aspects of our lives. 

Apple — the most popular manufacturer of smartphones — is well aware of how reliant we are on our devices. With every new phone that’s released, more impressive features are integrated into the software.

It keeps them relevant and engaging, with more people continuing to opt for them than any other type of phone. Sadly, no technology is infallible, and iPhone problems do happen.

Problems that, due to our technology reliance, usually need to be fixed right away! These are the most common iPhone issues and how to solve them.

Slowing Down and Crashing, One of the Most Common iPhone Problems

One of the most common problems iPhone users will come across is that their phone starts to slow down. Try restarting the phone. Most cell phone users these days never switch their phones off, but it could probably use the break.

If that hasn’t helped, try to clear out some memory. Offload some photos to another device, or delete some apps that you never use.

Can’t Seem to Hold a Charge Any More

There are a number of reasons your iPhone may not hold a charge. Multiple potential causes mean this happens to a lot of people:

  • The port has been damaged
  • The USB cable isn’t working anymore
  • There’s something wrong with the software

Not holding a charge can be a detrimental issue for cell phone users, so you’re going to want to fix your iPhone as quickly as possible. Luckily, trying a different charger and restarting the software should do it.

On the off-chance it doesn’t, you may want to visit an expert.

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Losing Important Data Through a Variety of Ways

If something happens to your iPhone to render it useless, the most unfortunate result and the biggest problem is going to be your loss of data. This can be helped by being preventative!

Back up your iPhone to the Cloud. It will sync automatically and then when you get a new phone, you can restore all of your data.

The Unfortunate Physical Problem of Water Damage

Water damage is a common problem and all too easy to encounter. The latest iPhones are waterproof, but even they aren’t invincible if submerged deeply — and older models have no water resistance.

The best thing to do is the bowl of rice trick. Yes — it really works! Pat your phone dry and leave it there for 48 hours to soak up all of the moisture.

An Abruptly Frozen Screen

iPhone software problems are common, especially when they’ve had a long life. Don’t panic! All is not lost. A hard reboot should do the trick.

On older models, hold the home and power button for a few seconds then let go. On newer models, press the volume up button, then volume down, then hold the side button until the display shuts off.

Stay Cool and Collected — There’s Probably an Easy Fix!

It can be easy to lose your cool and panic when your phone — the source of your entire life — runs into an issue. Fortunately, iPhone problems are usually easy to fix.

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