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5 most popular programming languages to study for college students

Developing soft skills is imperative for college students looking forward to starting a programming career.

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The field of software creation is currently in high demand. Every year, the demand for programmers is likely to rise. It is currently one of the highest-paying jobs available.

A single programming language may not be sufficient. Some applications require the usage of many programming languages.

Some languages are more sought after than others. You must use caution while selecting a computer language to study. Select those that are in more demand. The most popular programming languages to learn are listed here.


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The word JavaScript is derived from the word script. To script means to write commands. JavaScript is used to write computer commands.

It performs one command at a time. It was created in 1995 by Brendan Eich. It has several uses as follows: 

  • Creating websites: About 97% of websites globally are created using JavaScript. It is used to show or hide menus. It enables the playing of videos and audio on websites. JavaScript is used to add animations and create drop-down menus on websites. 
  • Creating applications: JavaScript is made using different frameworks. The frameworks help to create different applications. The main frameworks used by JavaScript are: React, Node.js, and React Native. 
  • Creating computer games: Many browser games are created using JavaScript. It is used to create racing games and role-playing games. It creates role-playing games and 2D and 3D puzzles. Most of the frameworks are open source and free. 

JavaScript has many advantages. It is faster to open in a web browser. It is easy to use, even for students. It uses less memory in a computer. It responds well when creating applications.

And if you face difficulties in doing academic papers in programming or computer science, there are good services that help with programming assignments. Help from professionals will ensure high scores regularly.


python course
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Python was created in 1991. It has strongly built data structures. It is good for creating applications fast. Python is used to connect one language with another to create better results.

It creates stable applications that require less maintenance. Python has several uses.

  • Creating web applications: A web application is accessed from a web browser. It is stored in the cloud to be retrieved at any time. An example of a web application is CMS. Another example is e-commerce or portal web. 
  • Connecting database systems: A database system is software used to collect records online. It also stores the information for future access. The work of a database management system is to collect and store data. 
  • Readily creating software: Python is used to create software in an instant. It can work well on Windows, Mac, or Linux. 

Python uses a simple programming language. The codes are executed in an instant.

The latest Python version is Python 3. It takes four to six months to learn Python basics. A student can advance if they want to. 


C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages. It is a programming language that can be classified as general-purpose. It was established in 1979 as a better version of C.

It was designed to be used in huge systems with many resources. It has been regularly upgraded since then. C++20 is the most recent version of C++.

C++ offers many benefits to programmers:

  • The language is object-oriented and efficient. 
  • It has a lot of generic features and takes up less memory. 
  • It is a super-fast computer program since it takes up less memory. 
  • Unlike other programming languages, C++ requires compilation before execution.

To be object-oriented means to be more concerned with objects and operations. This makes manipulating C++ code much easier.

Unlike other programming languages, it supports pointers well. Because of its general-purpose nature, it is closer to hardware.

Excellent operating systems are built with C++. It’s frequently utilized in computer games and 3D films.

When developing web browsers and GUI-based applications, C++ is critical. C++ is used to create banking software and data management software.


Another name for SQL is Structured Query Language. It is mostly used to search for huge amounts of information. You only need two months to learn SQL.

Many people who want to create software start with SQL before learning other programs. Companies create large amounts of data every day. SQL helps to manage information much easier. It has various advantages.

  • SQL is the most advanced programming software. It is a 4th generation software
  • It allows people to access different records in one click
  • It allows people to access information from storage super-fast
  • It works perfectly with other programming software
  • It does not require coding
  • It is easy to understand it

Different companies use SQL for different types of work. Banks use it to create financial applications.

For example, someone can withdraw a large amount of money. The bank uses SQL to search the person’s details. Large hospitals use SQL in many ways. 

They use it when they want to save large amounts of information. Anyone can use the software without requiring experts.

Different workers in construction work from different places. SQL is used to make reports using tables. It helps create graphs or charts that are easy to understand. 


Java was first created in 1996. It was created to help develop software for use on different devices. Its creators were looking for a light programming language.

It had to be reliable, easy to carry, and widely available. The creators wanted another programming language to replace C++. 

Java requires few procedures when using it. Java is used to run on most operating systems. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Java codes are called bytecodes. They are the ones used to run operating systems. It has many other uses.

Mobile applications

person holding a smartphone showing apps like instagram

Mobile applications are commonly called apps. They are software used to perform actions on mobile devices. They are used on mobile phones, watches, and tablets.

Many applications are used to play games, make calls, or send messages. Some are used to make payments, teach students, and play videos. 

GUI applications

GUI applications are software that makes the use of other applications easy. They contain menus, windows, and dialog boxes. Some examples are operating systems.

For example, Windows, Ubuntu, and Apple. Java is also used to make web, enterprise, servers, and middleware applications. 

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