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5 of the rarest game consoles to exist

Console collecting is a very expensive hobby, and if you have the money, it can be a very fun one too

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Through the years of vast technological development, gamers have been exposed to releases of numerous consoles. From Magnavox Odyssey to the soon-to-be-released PlayStation 5, there were dozens of consoles presented to the public, but which ones are the rarest to find? Well, in the following article, we will analyze the five rarest consoles in existence, and what makes them so hard to obtain.

Nintendo 64 DD

Our first entry on this list is an extremely rare console released by Nintendo in the mid-nineties named Nintendo 64 DD. Unlike the regular Nintendo 64, this version of the console ran on cartridges which proved to be a massive issue in terms of functionality and reliability.

The console was initially designed to connect Nintendo users around the world online but failed miserably in the end. Generally speaking, the console was a massive letdown, and because of that, there are not many Nintendo 64 DD’s going around. If you want one of these for yourself in mint condition, be ready to cash out around 1,500-2,000$ on eBay.

SEGA Genesis CDX

Moving on, we’ll talk about a very interesting gaming device designed by SEGA. SEGA Genesis CDX was released to the public eyes in the early nineties, originally designed and promoted as a fusion of their already-existing Genesis system and the SEGA CD.

However, a hefty price tag, difficulty in repairing, and general lack of quality drove customers away so the console remains a collectible today due to its rarity. This piece of memorabilia is ridiculously priced today, with the retail price for the mint versions being as high as 2.000$

S.T.A.R.S Dreamcast console

Our next entry on this list is a special edition of the SEGA Dreamcast console that was released exclusively in Japan. Unlike the previous consoles, this one is not extremely rare because it was a commercial failure, but rather because it was only published in 200 copies.

This version of the Dreamcast is easily recognizable because of the STARS sticker and the blue-grey colorway that defines it. Additionally, the console was sold in a bundle with a similarly-looking controller, and to obtain both of these in a good condition, you will need to cash out a whopping 7.000$.

Nintendo DSi XL Pokemon World Championship 2010

Our number two spot is taken by a true console gem that is the special Pokemon edition of the Nintendo Dsi XL. This special edition of the Dsi XL was given to the top-rated competitors of the 2010 Hawaii Pokemon World Championship.

The console is easily recognizable because of its bright yellow colorway and the cute looking picture of various Pokemon doing a Hula dance lead by Pikachu himself. All in all, the device is incredibly cute and rare, which means very pricey in the collectors market. You should expect to pay around 7.000$ for the mint ones if you want to have one of these in your collection. 

Game Boy Advance SP Gold Minish Cap

Our last entry on this list was saved for the true king of the console rarity. We are, of course, talking about the 2004 golden plated edition of the Game Boy console that was given only to the biggest Nintendo fans. The shiny package contains the Triforce SP device accompanied by a Zelda Minish Cap video game, two both very rare collectibles. Unfortunately, the well-preserved versions of the package are virtually impossible to find, as it was only released for sale in the UK and Ireland, which makes the product even harder to find. Luckily, there is one near-mint package that is on sale at the moment, but the seller values the set at a hefty price of 8.000$.Conclusion

In conclusion, console collecting is a very expensive hobby, and if you have the money, it can be a very fun one too. However, with consoles costing as much as 7.000$ or 8.000$, you may find it inconvenient to cash out all that money at once.

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