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5 online writing tools every college student should be using

Let’s discuss the top 5 writing tools you should surely make use of.

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When it comes to writing your college essays, everyone wants to be perfect or relatively good in their essay writing techniques. And because essay writing is all about good grammar, great creativity and greater knowledge or understanding of a topic; it’s not something you can only do with experience or outstanding skills.

Instead, even when you aren’t that much of a pro in essay writing, it’s still possible to write a good essay for your college. This refers to the right and highly beneficial writing tools that every college student should surely use. 

Although when you’re in a situation of last-minute deadlines and can’t be very creative; as there’s no magic happening there. So in any such situation, you can always count on a last-minute essay writing service, to meet your deadlines as well as quality on time. But when searching for any such quality service from a trusted source, make sure it is also a cheap assignment writing service.

This way, handling such last-minute deadlines won’t be a huge deal for you nor your pocket, and even then you can meet great quality with your essays. But other than such instant needs, you don’t have to worry about not being able to write quality essays for college on your own; when you’ve got helpful writing tools. So to help you out on that, let’s discuss the top 5 writing tools you should surely make use of!

Top 5 Writing Tools

Google Docs

Firstly, before you start writing your essay; it’s important to choose the right tool to write on. This way a more flexible and easy to manage tool would make it easier for you to write or edit your essay. And so, Google Docs works as a free writing tool that can make essay writing easier for you, while auto-saving all your written work.

This way you won’t lose any of your written work even if your computer decides to do something crazy. Also, with Google Docs you can share your file while working in real-time with a group or a friend. This makes it easy to manage group projects or the need to let any of your friends proofread your work while you write.


Don’t you often find yourself imagining a meaning but can’t really think of a related suitable word to write in your essay? And so, usually, you just have to go with a simple and usual word; that doesn’t really put much value to that sentence or the whole essay.

Now it doesn’t have to end up this way, anymore! That’s because OneLook works as a helping hand here while providing you with free assistance to look for more unique and less repetitive words. This can help you make your essay more interesting with a variety of words.


Even if you are remarkable in the grammar, you can’t be a grammar pro all the time and sometimes make mistakes in your essays, right? So to avoid any kind of grammatical errors in your writing piece, the Grammarly tool can work as the most effective tool. With its free version, you can avail suggestions on grammar and spelling edits; while the paid version also allows you to have the tone and plagiarism of your essays checked. 


Adding citations to your papers can be quite tough and painful, right? And you can’t even skip them when it comes to writing academic essays! But with the free online BibMe tool you can make sourcing a lot easier and less of a burden, for sure. You can easily create citations for MLA, APA and Chicago Styles, with the help of this tool. Also, if you get the paid version of BibMe; it will also check if your essay has any missing citation or any kind of unintentional plagiarism in it.


Lastly, StayFocused is one of the most helpful tools, and yet totally unrelated to writing! Got confused? I thought so! Well, the online add-on extension of StayFocused is simply a helping hand for actually staying focused. This means that often when you are in the mood to waste time on other sites (which is quite common), this tool would make sure that you don’t get late to complete your essay by the deadline. Now, once you waste your allotted time, this tool would block all the sites you were using; forcing you to focus on your essay only.

When you make use of online writing tools to help you out in writing your essay, you’ll see how most of the confusion, as well as the guesswork, would be eliminated easily. This way, by combining your time and creativity with the features of these tools; there’s nothing stopping you from creating those perfect essays for college.

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