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5 questions to ask while fixing MP4 videos

Whenever you are faced with the task of repairing MP4 files, find the answers to these questions here, and proceed accordingly. 

5 questions to ask while fixing mp4 videos

Videos have the power to capture the real emotion of the moment and that is why it is so important for most of us. The reasons are endless – for some, it is for a professional reason, and for some, they might be once-in-a-lifetime kind of memories. That is why it’s heartbreaking to lose those files because they get corrupted.

So, here’s a piece of good news for you. If your video files get corrupted, don’t worry. It is fixable. You just need to keep in mind the answers to the following questions on how to fix corrupted videos.

Q: Should you try transferring the files again? 

We often search for video files over the internet and download them from various sites. Most people complain that their downloaded MP4 videos are not playing on their devices. The reason could be that while downloading, there might have been a disruption in your network, which corrupted the file.

We like to share our video files with others. For professionals, it is important that they transfer their video files to other devices or onto their client’s devices. Many times, videos get corrupted during such a transfer if there are disruptions like abrupt shutdowns, disconnections, etc. which will ultimately lead to the receiver not being able to play the file. Here comes the need to repair MP4.

If your files aren’t playing after downloading or transferring, you should definitely consider repeating the process again, ensuring that all disruptions are avoided. Properly repeating the process could help you recover the damaged files.

Q: Should you convert the file to other formats?

A quick and easy solution to recovering damaged video files could be simply changing the file format and then trying to play it. While this is not a foolproof method, it tends to work most of the time. Sometimes the files we are trying to play are alright but are not suitable for the format we are trying to play them in. Thus, converting it to some other format, say, from MOV to MP4, could do the trick and help us play the file.

While in certain cases, the file format is not suitable for the file’s content, there are also times when the media player you are trying to play does not support the format. In such a case, your file won’t play even if it isn’t corrupted. Thus, converting the format of your video file is always a good way to either get rid of the corruption in the file or to simply be able to access it in your media player.

Q: Is there a problem with your external storage devices?

Video files often take up a lot of space. This is why people often opt for storing their video files on some external storage devices in order to save space on their computers. While storage devices are a great way to save space, they are not exactly safe from damage and your file can be corrupted.

There might be malware on your storage device which could severely damage your video files. Or you might not eject the device properly from your computer, which could also corrupt your video files. It is necessary that you store some of your video files on external storage devices but make sure that you exercise precautions while using them in order to protect your files. Always scan for malware on the device and make sure that the files are not running on your computer when you eject the storage device. This helps avoid the later troubles of mp4 repair.

Q: Should you use your media player to restore your videos?

This question is a very important one. When you discover that your important video files have been corrupted, and you have tried all the ways we’ve mentioned above to fix it, but it’s still not playing, you’d want to find a solution soon. Many popular media players have inbuilt mp4 video repair features. The best example is the VLC Media Player. If there is an error in your video file, VLC will ask your permission to fix the MP4 file. It even has an inbuilt converter to help you convert files from different formats into AVI format.

Just like this, several media players can help you fix corrupt mp4 and other video files. But you should remember that most of these media players are equipped only to fix simple errors and not complicated ones. To know about a foolproof method for how to fix corrupted MP4 files, read the next point carefully.

Q: Should you opt for a video repairing software?

How to fix corrupted video files mp4 might be the crucial question you have come across. Don’t worry, I will answer it here.

While MP4 video repair freeware like the VLC Media Player might seem like the ultimate solution to fixing your broken video files, it sadly is not because it cannot deal with complex issues. If you want to fix corrupted mp4 files in the best way, you should go for a video repairing software.

There are dozens of such software to choose from. You must select one for you carefully because if you go with an unreliable one, your video could be damaged further. You should always use reputed software like kernel video repair or Digital Video repair or Wondershare. In fact, Wondershare should be your first preference as it’s the best mp4 video repair software at present. 

Final words 

These questions should be at the forefront of your thought process when you are trying to fix your broken MP4 files. Whenever you are faced with the task of repairing MP4 files, find the answers to these questions here, and proceed accordingly. 

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