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5 security problems with Windows 10 PCs

Here’s everything you need to know to keep your machine protected.

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Whether you like it or not, your PC is not fully protected against malware, especially if you have Windows 10 as your operative system. Namely, Windows 10 has some security holes that can allow potential malware to damage your computer and your files.

So, as many people experienced already, Windows 10 has some security problems that just can’t be ignored forever. And, because of the need to explain all of this, we are going to discuss these security problems.

Anyhow, let’s see.

Windows 10 Security Problems – 5 Most Common Security Issues

Windows 10 had some really good changes and updates in the past few months, but, that wasn’t enough to fill the holes in the security department. So, we listed some of the most common issues that can happen to anyone.

  • Share permissions

First, and possibly the most important issue that needs mentioning is file and share permission of Windows 10. Simply speaking, there are users who create shares and put their local files in that system. Now, the good thing about this is that users can access these files no matter the current location they are in.

So, the availability of these files is a good thing, right? Well, if you take into an equation that there are other people who can access these files, it all changes then. However, these other people who can gain access are usually hackers that know exactly what they are doing.

But still, if you decide to store some files inside the system that you created on Windows 10, you risk that someone can hack into it and gain access. And, for some people, usually, the ones that store some really important stuff on that created system – this is a very serious problem.

Just imagine someone has access to your private files that only you can see. That sounds horrifying at least! There are some cases where people were victims of identity theft, which is a real problem to deal with.

  • Lack of Malware Protection

Second, and definitely the most annoying one, Windows 10 has some really big issues with the malware protection. Namely, Windows 10 includes a Windows Defender as its first and only protection system against viruses and malware. But, Windows Defender simply isn’t enough for most of the newly developed malware.

And, there comes a problem, especially for people that use their PCs for work or some other serious and important stuff. However, Windows 10 is providing you with an option to add third-party malware protection software like Bitdefender.

Now, as we all know, lack of a good malware protection program can lead to some serious damage to your PC. Therefore, it is quite important to understand that you need to secure your PC with only the best possible choice.

Fortunately, you can choose from best anti malware software solution available.

  • Missing of the Updates and Patches

One of the issues that people usually come across when it comes to security on Windows 10 actually is lack of updates and patches. Now, this sounds a bit underwhelming, but we assure you that it isn’t.

There are some programs that when you install them, Windows 10 blocks their updates and patches which results in malfunction of these programs. This is quite annoying, especially if you rely on these programs to complete some work, like AutoCad or stuff like that.

Also, some other programs might have patches about security which are of the highest importance for your files. And, just imagine that Windows 10 blocks those patches and your files are exposed for a possible cyber-attack.

Other can access your files if your program/application is not up-to-date. This can lead to some serious problems which might result in financial loss, and that is something that no one wants.

  • Weak Firewall Protection

As for firewall protection, Windows 10 doesn’t excel here as well. Simply put, among many other functions that firewall provides, protection against malware infiltrations and wireless intrusions are the number one priority. But, the Windows 10 firewall protection is simply not good enough to block all possible threats.

Also, firewall protection can block some useful things for your PC that you installed. For example, you installed some application that you use for work, and the firewall simply blocks this application and stops every communication with it. That’s annoying as well.

Anyhow, you can even create personal firewalls and choose the exact level of security and protection that you need. That is also not enough to prevent external connections on your computer.

  • Nonexistent Passwords

Not only that Windows 10 has weak password protection, but sometimes, it doesn’t have passwords at all. And, there are some places where you simply need to put a password for the protection, and Windows 10 is not allowing you to, or it doesn’t offer that option.

One of the most important things on any PC is access to the Administrator account. And, you can check your PC right now and see that you don’t have any password on an Administrator account. This means that you can easily access it and make some serious changes to your PC.

So, what happens when someone breaches your protection system and enters your Administrator account? Well, you are in big trouble then! Anyhow, that’s exactly what Windows 10 is not covering with its own security options.


Seeing all this, only one thing comes to mind – You need good and reliable software for protection against malware and other threats! Even though Windows 10 is not offering such great protection, you can always turn to a third party option.

We suggested Bitdefender as your number one choice for protection. You simply can’t go wrong with this option, and it really pays off.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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