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5 things you need to know about hosting providers

If you don’t already know, there are several types of hosting, and each of them fulfills different needs for their users.

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The less glamorous aspect of starting a website is having to choose a web host service provider. There’s just so much to take into consideration when you’re comparing services and plans, it can get a tad overwhelming. Which is why it doesn’t hurt to have a quick list of things to keep in mind on your search.

Security isn’t a Given

When purchasing a web hosting plan, a common mistake that beginners make is believing that security monitoring services are always included within the plan. That isn’t the case, though. When picking out a plan, you must make sure that security is included, or at least ask your web host providers about the security services available. That way, you’ll be able to protect your website from any threats.

Cheaper is Rarely Better

While it’s the aim of many to save up on costs, especially when launching a website to make more money, one thing they shouldn’t compromise on is their hosting provider. Cheaper plans are cheap because often these servers aren’t highly maintained. Sometimes, they get overloaded with users, way beyond their capacity. It could cost website owners a lot since these servers often crash at times of increased web traffic.

Holy Duo

Picking out a host out of the huge variety we have these days can seem like a struggle, especially in countries like Canada where there’s a huge market. But, all the flashy features aside, you only need to focus on two things, support and speed, as mentioned on Hosting Foundry’s Canada comparison article, and here’s why.

Imagine being based in Ottawa and host your website on a U.S. server, it’s a recipe for a slow website which will end up deterring visitors. As for support, it’s guaranteed that you’ll face some kind of problem with your server, and you’ll need some help navigating through the issues. Simple, right?

Big Names aren’t Better Either

Granted, we just said that cheap isn’t the way to go, but going for the biggest names in the market isn’t the solution. While large companies may have a better reputation and better marketing plans, it isn’t a guarantee that they can actually offer you what you need. Not to mention, when you buy from a big brand, you’re also buying the name in addition to the services, meaning, higher costs.

Quality Depends on Hosting Types

If you don’t already know, there are several types of hosting, and each of them fulfills different needs for their users. Now, just because one provider offers quality shared hosting services, it doesn’t mean that they’re capable of offering the same quality for cloud or private hosting.

Having shed light on these five points, we need to emphasize on one major point. When choosing a hosting plan, you must treat it as an investment. See, another mistake that most people make is going for the cheap options, but the thing is, a web host can make or break your website. What would you rather do? Spend more and not suffer from any crashes or sacrifice quality so you could save a few bucks?

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