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6 tips for getting the most out of your streaming setup

No matter what type of content you plan to stream or whether you intend to be an amateur or professional streamer, you can use these tips to get the most out of your streaming setup.

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The Internet significantly altered the way people communicate. It’s also reshaped entertainment services, enabling consumers to stream programs instead of subscribing to cable and stream live content on streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube Live.

Today, thousands of streamers play video games online. Streamers include amateurs, who enjoy connecting with a larger community during their gameplay, and professionals who generate revenue through subscriptions and sponsorships. Streamers may also stream other types of content. Some perform a live dance while others cook or bake. No matter what type of content you plan to stream or whether you intend to be an amateur or professional streamer, you can use these tips to get the most out of your streaming setup.

1. Rent equipment before you buy


Streamers need special equipment to ensure their audio and video quality is superb. It can be tough to know what type of equipment to purchase, which is why it’s a great idea to consider renting equipment when you’re getting started. You’ll be able to compare models and features to determine which equipment is right for you.

Google “rental audio equipment” to find equipment rental companies. Some equipment rental sites offer discounts for new customers, such as 20 percent off their initial rentals. Renting audio equipment offers you a chance to try out various equipment brands, including Panasonic, Eartek, and GoPro. You’ll also get a chance to try out different items, such as boom poles, headsets, and adapters. Renting equipment is also a great way to supplement the equipment you buy, enabling you to access the equipment you need for special streaming events.

2. Try Various Audio Interface Devices

vokyl erupt earcups being machined
Image: Vokyl Audio

These nifty devices add clarity and extra quality to your voice while live streaming. An audio interface device is designed to capture your voice and switch it over to a digital format that can be transmitted via computer.

When you require some heavy-duty equipment for live events or a constant online presence, you should consider the best audio interface for streaming that you can find. Not all devices would be compatible with your current setup, so it is advisable to find one that would integrate well with your existing equipment.

The option to rent one for a while could be less costly than buying one at first, especially when you are unsure of the make and model you would need. When you think you found the one, see if there are any online reviews for the specific product.

Reading reviews will give a comprehensive outlook on how the device operates and if it is indeed what the manufacturers promise it to be. The audio interface device could be rather costly and having all the information before you buy is crucial.Afterall, you want to provide your loyal fans with the best quality content and keep them coming back for more. Improving your setup with this device would give you a professional edge while streaming.

3. Invest in the best webcam


When you’re ready to buy your equipment, you’ll want the best webcam for streaming. Superior streaming webcams have excellent resolution, high frames per second (FPS) rates, a superb lens, and an excellent microphone. It’s possible to get a decent webcam for less than $20, although the best streaming webcams cost up to $650.

The best webcams on the market today include the Logitech HD Webcam C310, Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000, and PTZOptics Webcam 80. The Logitech HD Webcam C310 has an FPS of 30, while some models of the PTZOptics Webcam 80 have 60FPS. The Logitech BRIO offers webcams with 90FPS. The field of view varies from 60° for the Logitech HD Webcam C310 to120° for the ClearOne Unite 20 Pro. Take time to compare features and determine which webcam is the best webcam for your needs to ensure you invest in a suitable model.

4. Pay attention to your setup location.


Even with a superior mic and a webcam with excellent resolution, your streams will suffer if you have a poor streaming location. For example, if you use a room near a busy road or have young siblings in your home, you may need to invest in soundproofing to eliminate background noise during your streams. You may also have a room that lets in a lot of sunlight, and it may be necessary to invest in blackout curtains to control the light while you’re streaming.

5. Create a suitable aesthetic.


You can add visual interest to your setup design. Your aesthetic supports your brand and ensures you impress followers and subscribers. A compelling aesthetic can help you generate revenue because you may charge more for your services or increase the volume of donations you receive during live streams. You can establish your aesthetic with custom artwork and visual displays of things like Funko Pops, gaming consoles, or other items of interest.

6. Focus on accessories.


There are many accessories you can use to create an exceptional streaming setup. You may invest in tripods to hold your webcam, enabling you to move your webcam to different locations and change the angle of your stream. You can also invest in lighting products to support your aesthetic and create an appealing set. If your skin tone favors warm colors, you could invest in soft yellow or orange wall-mounted lights.

Whether you’re a game streamer or stream other content, such as dance, you can start by renting audio and video equipment so you can try out different brands and determine what you need. Make the most out of your streaming setup by investing in the best webcam, controlling your streaming location, creating a compelling aesthetic, and investing in accessories for your setup.

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