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5 types of photography you can use on your website

Here we offer some advice and tips when it comes to choosing different types of photography to use online.

Image: Udemy

There is no denying that photography has a very important role to play when it comes to the success of any website, whether it is a business website, a personal blog, or something else entirely. You need to make sure that your site is visually appealing and that it makes an instant, positive and lasting impression. Plus, it’s important to break up the text on your website so that you can keep people engaged with other forms of content, including imagery and video. 

Consider what type of photography and imagery would be best suited to enhance your website. Here we offer some advice and tips when it comes to choosing different types of photography to use online.

1. Landscape

One of the most obvious types of photography that has a multitude of uses is landscape photography. This genre can be broken down into many different sub-genres, including seascapes, architecture, and wildlife. At its core, landscape photography is about capturing outdoor scenes and nature.

There are a lot a lot of businesses that would benefit from using this type of photography, including those involved in conservation, looking after the planet, National Trusts, gardening companies and so on. 

You can also use these images if you are looking to create a website that gives off a feeling of peace, serenity, and being at one with nature, which is so easily achieved with photos of wildlife and beautiful landscapes. You will find a huge assortment of photos to choose from, if you are interested in landscape shots, on photo sharing websites where you can find unique photos from aspiring photographers. 

2. Portraits

You may also want to consider portrait photography when you are looking for the best images for your website. People tend to feel closer to brands when there is a face behind the names. This helps to make the brand feel more personal, rather than simply feeling like the company is a faceless organisation. This can be a very powerful tool for your “About Us” page or for a ‘Meet the Team’ section on your website.

3. Fashion

Next on the list, we have fashion photography. This represents a category of photography that is an artistic and curated style of imagery, which is all about showcasing fashionable items, be it handbags, sunglasses, clothing, or accessories. This style of photography tends to be used on magazine websites, as well as retail clothing stores and blog sites.

4. Photojournalism

Another style of photography that we often see on websites is what is called photojournalism. This can be very powerful, as it is all about telling a story. This is a trend that we are seeing more and more when it comes to websites today. Whether it is the story of how your product works or you are looking for imagery for a news website, photojournalism shots can prove to be incredibly useful. 

5. Product photography

Of course, we cannot mention photography for brands and businesses without speaking about product photography. There are a number of different sub-categories within this specialism. Ultimately, though, if you sell any sort of product, you will want to make sure it is displayed on your website in a beautiful and impactful manner. Professional photography can help you do this.

We hope that this has given you a better understanding of the different types of photography that can be used on websites today. Try to define what impression you want your customers to get from your site, then you can set about finding the photography that would work best to create that impression.

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