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5 ways to keep viewers engaged in your website 

Keep working at making your blog successful, and you’ll reap what you sow.

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Have you employed the top SEO tactics, taken all the three-week online marketing courses, and seen a click increase but not an audience increase? Keeping your audience on your website requires an entirely new set of tactics. 

Are you ready to learn how to retain more of the general public who click your site and turn them into avid readers/followers?

Modern Web Design

The first impression of your website will make or break whether people stay to look at your content. Does your site design look like something out of the early 90s, or does it look modern and sleek?

If looking at your webpage is an eyesore, how can you expect people to stay and read your blog posts or buy your products? You don’t have to worry about the visual design by yourself. Many design agencies offer package deals and discounts depending on how you want to rearrange your site. 

Easy to Access and Navigate

Even if your design framework is modern and aesthetically pleasing, users need to be able to navigate your website with relative ease. You want to make it simple for readers to click from one blog post to another. If you sell products online, make the checkout process accessible and easily digestible. 

Consider adding an organization bar at the top or side of your site that divides your webpage into content clusters. A search bar can also help users stick around longer. Make sure that your other social media, if applicable, and contact information are available. 

High-Quality Content

Of course, people will stay no matter what if they like the writing/products enough, but the design and accessibility are essential to boosting your top-tier content. Focus a chunk of your effort into researching and producing posts that follow the trends without plagiarizing. 

Ask yourself questions like what audience do you want to attract and how do you want to market your content. Write in the style that matches what your answers are. The key is to keep your content consistent. You should aim to post a blog or release new products every couple of days.

Pictures Paint 1000 Words

People love photos and imagery. If you artistically and strategically place pictures and videos on your website, you’ll manage to keep the attention of more individuals. Plus, stunning photography makes for an easy share. If you manage to capture readers through your images, you can bet that they are sharing photos they enjoy with their friends and family. 

You can also branch out into video and audio content if it makes sense for your blog. Keeping a diverse array of content keeps your readers on their toes. 

Keep the Ads Subtle

Online blogging could not survive without third-party advertising. A lot of blogs depend on companies paying for ad space on their websites. You probably utilize various advertisement techniques to keep your blog afloat. Keep doing what you’re doing if it’s working. 

But, if you want more passive clickers to turn into long-term readers, you need to be subtle with your advertisements. Don’t stop, but make sure that your ads are integrated naturally into your blogs. 

Now Enjoy that Stable Audience

With these techniques, you can convert more casual clickers into passionate readers of your blog. Remember that it will take time to build a dedicated fanbase, and you can’t expect your numbers to jump drastically in a day. 

Keep working at making your blog successful, and you’ll reap what you sow. Most importantly, have fun with that you’re doing and write content that you are passionate about creating and reading. 

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