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5 ways to leverage technology throughout the recruitment process 

Ultimately, technology is a must for streamlined, successful talent acquisition in our current day and age.

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Hiring the best talent for your business can often prove more challenging than you might expect. There are countless aspects of the recruitment process that need to be consistently monitored, analyzed, and improved. This includes everything from performing background checks to expanding the reach of the job advertisements published in various formats and on multiple platforms.

The good news is that there are plenty of technology-driven solutions that can simplify and speed up the process for owners of businesses, both big and small. 

Here are five ways to leverage technology for making the right hiring decisions for your enterprise.

Use technology for faster, more accurate background checks 

There are several companies out there, specializing in conducting background checks on behalf of recruiters. These companies utilize advanced technology to fulfill background check criteria to meet your needs and your budget. The technology can usually verify education claims, work history, as well as handle thorough credit checks. It will also conduct federal, state, and local criminal record checks, motor vehicle record checks, and sex offender registry searches.

By outsourcing your background checks, you can focus on other essential aspects of the hiring process, and work on getting to know all potential candidates better.

Create chatbots 

Chatbots can help marketers make it easier and more cost-effective to reach out to job seekers who may be well-suited to the vacancy advertised. Chatbots can be programmed to perform basic screenings on potential employees and provide them with regular status updates regarding their applications. If a job seeker visits your website and engages with your chatbot, it can even help guide them towards the vacancy best suited to their skills.

Embrace mobile recruitment 

You can be sure that a significant number of potential employees will be using their mobile devices to perform job searches. This is why business owners need to optimize their job ads and websites for mobile. In this regard, it can help to find a third-party online hiring portal to assist. Just ensure that you look for a hiring portal that focuses explicitly on a mobile-driven approach to identify the right candidates for the position on offer.

Conduct digital interviews 

Inviting each and every potential candidate to your company’s offices is going to take time and cost money. You can drastically speed up the recruitment process by turning to the internet and digital technology instead. Conducting interviews with the job candidates online during the first few rounds will save you hours of precious time. If you are still keen to meet them face to face, wait until you have whittled your prospects down to just a handful of talented individuals and invite them to your business premises.

Virtual reality 

Virtual reality can tremendously enhance the candidate experience and make it easier and faster for them to decide whether or not they feel a connection towards the company culture and vision. Currently, a popular way to leverage virtual reality technology in relation to the hiring process is to put together descriptive and visually inspiring virtual tours of the workplace. That way, candidates can see where they could be working without employers having to bring every single one of them in.

Ultimately, technology is a must for streamlined, successful talent acquisition in our current day and age. Without it, business owners are likely to lose out on finding the perfect person for the job because it will be their competitors who find them first! Now is the time to invest in recruitment technology solutions and reap the many benefits that are sure to follow. Good luck!

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